...the presence, structure, and message of cosmic dust...


The rebirth of a paradigm

centred concept and completed image of the E8 by Amagdala

My complex scientific and artistic research leads to a long forgotten but ever-present paradigm, the world of the seed. It is a way of seeing and being in the living universe, based on and connected by an organic seed formula. My thesis is that the seed is the founding structure, the common atomic model, and the organising principle of all physical and metaphysical reality, natural, human, and cosmic spheres. It is to be observed in the matter of micro-, mezzo- and macrocosmic scales and dimensions: it is the deep structure of the atom, the Earth, the universe; time and space; the human being, ritual, and language. Everything and everyone in the world bears this organic form, consciously or unconsciously, constructively or destructively, faithfully or unfaithfully, without exception. This is the sign of the integrated universe, the single empire of life.
Through inductive quest, I find the elemental model of the seed as a concentric, spheric autonomous unit. Such an organic unit of life is at once homeostatic and homeodynamic, generative and transformative, at once result and promise, manifestation and mystery. Its inner dimensions are the point, the cycle, and the sphere, in the order of emanation from cohesion to explication. In other words, the unit of the seed contains the model of all further processes.

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