Key cultic figures


“Only in silence the word,
only in dark the light,
only in dying life;
bright is the hawk’s flight
on the empty sky.” (The Creation of Éa)


original fraternity of MAG people = system of MAG functions, physical and meta-physical, temporal and super-temporal field! our heroes are magnetic centres where our collective familial, tribal, racial, global consciousness and conscience is focused: MAG CROWN (leading spirit) carries condensed human energy, which is capable by nature, operation, and structure, to establish and maintain contact with all available forces of heaven (energy) and earth (matter), seven directions towards MAGness (up, down, NSEW, in)

HOUSE OF NIMRUD: nature of origin, gate of DEATHLESS SOUL
TURUL-HOUSE: spirit connection to soul
TÁLTOS ORDER: body-spirit connection to soul

synoptic figures: historical AND meta-historical role, they are to be observed AND lived: their stories carry the OBJECTIVE MORAL OF THE SOURCE LAW of Love, and their essence is an INNER ENERGY PATTERN which can be experienced! They are INITIATIVE MODELS, showing the way through our own inner labyrinth, manifesting the key phases of initiation (alchemical blackening, whitening, reddening), they are SIGNS, seals of alliance between Sky and Earth, divinity and humanity, eternity and time.

figures who pass through trial and death into eternal life (Indians of history, MAGs of meta-history) – not appointed “other”, “superior” figures, but sources of light for everyone: divine Everyman. the beauty of life lies in MAGNETIC METAPHORICITY: simultaneous analogy (identity) and crossing (complementation): we connect (feel) and disconnect (observe) the hero/ine –  this combination is the fuel of evolution and elevation!

ISTAR (implicit rite of passage: ISTAR is an autonomous GOD figure, who descends into her own inner depth)

ISIS through OSIRIS, TAMMUZ, ORPHEUS, PROMETHEUS, SCYTHIAN GREEK HEROS-COLLECTIVE (hologramic, fractalled God-image and initiation: explicit rite of passage) - largest number of Isis-sanctuaries of the Roman Empire in the Karpathian Basin

NIMRUD / GILGAMES / HERKULES – through ENKIDU. children of Nimrud (Orion), Galga, Hercules-tradition in Scythian (children of the Archer: Saggitarius - SAKATA)


apostles and apostle kings, hermit saints eg. St. Paul of Thebes

ATTILE & BUDA counterparts

ATTILA - ARTHUR identities

MEDIEVAL HEROS-collective (saints and martyrs), royal male and female saints of the Turul-house eg. St. Elizabeth - St. Özséb mysterious pairs 

pairs: Magyar PÁROS cosmic double principle (1:2) - PÁLOS order - BÁLos cult, related to white, absolute light by synoptic fusion (see Madonna and Child Arch Unity symbol)

MANI and his Other


and more and more good models of a worthy life, models of MAINTAINING PEACE, BALANCE, AND FOCUS, promising resurrection and awakening: faith in this promise never dies, because the ETERNITY OF LIFE IS ENCODED IN THE ATOMIC STRUCTURE. cultic figures are literally MAGic, ATOMic, as they come to manifest in temporal structure the hidden mystery of creation, the transformation between inside and outside: transubstantiation, transmutation of physical and meta-physical, narrative and meta-narrative: birth, re-birth – these are the real figures of Renaissance: LIVING MODELS OF ETERNAL RETURN

Read excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, IV.II. 2-3.3. Cult as myth (pp.178-83.)

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The Cultic Code, IV.II. Cult as myth, orality, and mode of participation: the cultic MAGic paradigm of “Indians” has created and keeps recreating its own myth-based culture: its atomic model-based magnetic field which transcends time!!! our ancestors and foregone models are really truly actually PRESENT ENERGETICALLY AND MATERIALLY in our genes and blood, nerves and bones (call this karma…): source of memory and life! mythical mentality of “Indians”: KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE OF META-PHYSICAL, META-NARRATIVE CONNECTIVITY

remember and realise JESUS AS THE “INDIAN” model: a mode of feeling, thinking, and behaviour, mode of vision – mode of life: exterior archetype of colonised people, interior archetype of subordinated superior nature. RITES OF PASSAGE OFFERED BY CULTIC FIGURES: go down their way to come up their way

Excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, IV.II. 3.5-6. Cult as myth… Archetypal attributes, vertical order (pp.184-7)

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DOMONKOS KÁLMÁNCHEY, diplomat and high priest of Matthias Rex, my actual ancestor

coat of arms from the Kálmánchey-codex, c.1480:

                                                  cimer1                          cimer2