Old renaissance – new renaissance


“No one can know where he is until he knows where he has been.” (Paul Bowles, Next to Nothing)


“To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite;
To forgive wrongs darker than death or night;
To defy Power, which seems omnipotent;
To love, and bear; to hope till Hope creates
From its own wreck the thing it contemplates;  
Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent;
This, like thy glory, Titan, is to be
Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free;
This is alone Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory.” (Percy Bysshe Shelley, Prometheus Unbound)          


A Renaissance of Consciousness is a phase of awakening from death or slumber, by remembering what really happens in time, in order to remember the deeper/higher super-temporal program of life. We must remember that history is primarily cyclical and not linear, as the pervading linear, dividing and subordinating "he/she/it" global mental program suggests. We come into life with a mission, and to complete it is to make the book of our life round, metaphysically. Like the cycles of our life, cycles of history show similar, recurring characters, situations, and events. The end of a cycle is definite, defined in the source – this is the major Law of Space and Time. So to stay in synchrony with the energetic dynamism of the universe, and to realise where we are in greater Time and Space, we must remember where we came from. To find the way back to the source, we must pass through the past. 

New Atomism traces the way back to the atomic source, to find it to be the eternal sign of new life, Sun-rise, Spring, and awakening. In the beginning, there is the SEED, the word of God, the universal language of the ATOM. Recognising our Atomism to whatever extent is always, has always been a resurrection, a catharsis, a passage into Paradise or the City of God, on whatever scale. According to analogy, by which Atomism operates, every awakening is as the One, the cycles of time dance to the cosmic beat in such deep dimensions that even a breath is a replayed birth. From the many scales, our common historical playground scale is perhaps the only one, which is unaware of its own choreography. The peaking of negative global human tendencies shows a mental virus growing mass-destructive, and more importantly gives a larger-than-historical, meta-historical perspective. The patriarchal experiment has run full circle, game over, the mafia is bankrupt, the "he/she/it" program is a bluff. However, it is not the bankruptcy which triggers cosmic energetic changes, but the original mould of our particular cycle is getting fulfilled: not by the negative, but the positive tendencies!

The death we experience in revision pulls us through the gate of purification, and at once there is a reversal: darkness stops, lingers, and begins to glow. This is the magic of Aurora, the Dawn, Sun-rise (KELET-KELTA), with the Venus or Eve-Dawn Star connecting the falling and the rising tendency of light by a gold thread. The message of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is that the Venus star is the key to any Renaissance. And as Pallas Athene is androgynous, Apollo included in her, so Venus is also androgynous, uniting the female and the male: the falling evening principle and the rising dawn principle. New Atomism recognises this “androgyny” at the centre of every atom, and this recognition is the sign of a new Renaissance. We are in a phase of cosmic and global transition, at the very end of the night, when on certain wave-lengths we can already step over into the approaching dawn. Awakening is not merely an option, but a necessity, once light begins to reveal itself.


Old renaissance

Our last European Renaissance seems like a rite of passage, consisting of the three ritual phases, signalling a temporal transit between two distinct meta-historical epochs. Before the 14-15-16th centuries, there was still considerable human light preserved by continents and races, afterwards there was total darkness.

Medieval Hungarian avant-garde: Royal and Pálos revolution of the arts, sciences, and politics - model for Europe
Maria d'Ungheria, queen of Naples and Sicily (1270-1309) establishes humanist movement, holds Renaissance court, rebuilds Naples
Court of Mátyás of Hungary
Academia Istropolitana, Vitéz János
Giotto in the Transylvanian Mezőség, Botticelli in Hungarian Esztergom (earliest known work, ordered by Vitéz János)
Kálmánchey Codex

Magyar Giotto Mezosegthe Giotto fresco of Mezőség

Magyar Botticelli Esztergomthe Botticelli fresco of Esztergom

Trecento (1300s): Pre-liminal phase. Judeo-Christened Europe partially remembers its roots through Classical Heritage, but forgets to revise its direct past, which would lead to the clarification of the rule of the Bible, Latin, money, and European dynasties. Boost for urban economy. Politics is increasingly hypocritical, but patriarchy loosens the leash on the feminine principle, and allows the arts and sciences to blossom. Revitalisation of European cultural and spiritual networks! Energetic subtle body of Europe re-enlivened based on the common roots in Classical mythology, and the collective vision of Divinity in nature. The ancient and natural patterns are so strong in the psyche, that they penetrate even gender-split mental programs and misinterpreted arch myths. The sense of Rinascimiento! Renaissance! Rebirth! From the perspective of eternal Present, it is Birth.

Quattrocento (1400s): Liminal phase. Blossoming in the shadow of political conspiracies. A last great immersion in truth and beauty, followed by a conscious and systematic closing of cosmic gates in the heart of Europe, in the Karpathian Basin. The Hungarian Cult of Light holds the model of atomic magnetism, in its seals of alliance: the language, the Sacral Crown, and the Karpathian energetic system. The peak of the peak phase of the Renaissance was the consciously undertaken death of King Matthias of Hungary, 1490, on Good Friday, poisoned in Vienna by his Neapolitan wife. (“Matthias is dead, Justice is gone!,” goes the proverb.) The ritual death turns history into a meta-history of grace, fulfilling the narrative mould left by Jesus, saving the time of transitory blossoming as a time of eternal Spring. The táltos MAGus king Matthias (whom I identify as the Black Rider of the Apocalypse) created a temporal wormhole, from identification with a past pattern, through bringing Europe and Hungary into blossom, to securing re-emergence in the future. In this loop of time, reversal takes place, and cosmic night turns into day. In the midst of Renaissance Light, on Good Friday 1490, dark night fell upon Europe and the world. Matthias, like Jesus and Attila in earlier Renaissances, fulfils the Sybil of Troy’s mould, prophesy, or formula: “... at midday dark night will fall for three hours.”

Cinquecento (1500s): Post-liminal phase. The dark night of Europe reaches the shores of America in 1492. America: the biggest international scam of the world (“Semitic” – “Indo-European” joint venture: invasion justified by “Judeo-Christian” ideology), biggest collective manipulation, genocide, and robbery of the world. Romanised European races infected with the amnesia program of gender division infect further, older, golden, cosmically connected races. Beginning of mass rootlessness. The Patriarchal Bluff Empire establishes the economic and geopolitical basis for the final course of colonisation: devouring the whole world in the centuries to follow. America: AMERIGO/IMRIC (Imre, assassinated Hungarian Prince), MÉREG (poison). Money starts flowing in for European banks, dynasties, churches, more power to the gender-split program, total death of morality, forgetting of the ever-present atomic soul and its magnetic field.

 Resurrection della Francesca


New renaissance

The vile wars and destructive trash culture of the USA, the worse than trash products of China, the insane poisoning and slaughtering of nature, the bloody churches, banks, and oil, the blind superficiality and total historical amnesia, the unstable towers of men, the occult games, the genetic and power manipulation, mass dependency, inner suffocation, hysteria and futility: the panorama of Rome burning. Global Rome is burning with misbelief in being responsible for what we think, say and do. We are responsible, individually and collectively. To take responsibility in revision, this is baptism into universal life, into the atomic system. This is where objective world view and subjective life experience merge, as the Atom is a mirror of both consciousness and conscience. We cannot separate ourselves from our genetically coded reality, our living cells are saturated with our individual and collective past and metaphysics.

Compared to the 1500s’ nightfall, there is a distinct new global renaissance today, at least a renaissance of consciousness. The rise of esotery and the metaphysical directions of exotery signal a NEW BALANCE. I believe that the rise of today’s light brings a rise of the feminine principle, the intuitive capacity, emotions, instinct, right-brain, nature, cosmic connections and higher justice. This new era is global, its effects can be sensed in all fields. But the key question remains language: how can we enter a new cosmic era or even a meta-historical epoch with the vessel of gender-split languages? The answer is: we can’t. The mind with such deep cracks (gender) and irreversible tracks (linearity) cannot contain the totality of the original human mould. Today’s Hungarian Renaissance is unique. First, Hungary brings a vast library of consciousness through its atomic language program and mental-spiritual connectedness to the undivided Source. For People true to the Source, historical revision and the revelation of historical and meta-historical truth is a relief, an epiphany, a triumph. For those who live for light, growing light is good news. The passage through death has been accomplished by the remains of the MAG people, in the Karpathian Basin and everywhere, as the MAG is the core, the seed: the source and security of all life. The dark pain of all is suffered by matter, the prayers for wholeness reach the source, peace is on its way.

The now budding Hungarian awakening brings a total system of research and art, mode of vision and mode of life. The MAG magnetic field brings a total alternative to the past paradigm, with a vast range of dimensions opening up. The MAG cosmic and genetic gate (BAB, BABBA) is opening. The cult of the Goddess is re-emerging, androgyny as our own source of being is re-evaluated and recharged. The research of our true past opens old, ancient, even timeless seals, and brings to life patterns left for us to be used to find the way back home into Life. One such significant energetic seal opening happened early this year, with the debut of a documentary film A lovasíjász (The Mounted Archer, 2016.). The film is about the fantastic calling and discipline of the Hungarian world champion and master of horse-back archery. On the one hand, the film aims at our own total Orientation toward the inner Gateway to Eternity, showing a successful passage of a traditional-individual model. On the other hand, a minor yet key episode of the film brings the spirit of a great, light-filled past into our current space-time. (Thanks for the insight by Tamás Kozsdi.) The audience is visited by a great white spirit which rises from the archaeological grounds of the recently found old Asian Hun capital, in the Ordos region of China. Tongwancheng or Paicheng: The Hun structure is a vast Hun fortress-city of snow white walls, in the once Ordos region of China. White Fortress-cities (FEHÉRVÁR) are all over the world! Three functional zones of the city discovered: atomic structure! But primarily White Fortress is the heart itself, which secures return into purity. We see the Hungarian awakening as a spirit tower of a great yet invisible city emerging. Every individual and collective awakening from the programmed mental slumber is a building element of the emerging light-filled human energetic structure, which has its place and function within a wider universal structure. Every individual and every nation has their own found, cleansed, reconnected element to contribute in the end. To reunite the triple emblem on all possible levels is the aim of New Atomism.