Historical crime and time


“For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.” (Mk.4:22)


“Early in the morning on the fourteenth of the spring month of Nisan the Procurator of Judaea, Pontius Pilate, in a white cloak lined with blood-red, emerged with his shuffling cavalryman's walk into the arcade connecting the two wings of the palace of Herod the Great.” (Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita)




AT-OM = MOTHER-FATHER = MAGNET = SEED (mould as model) = LIFE  (Magyar Atya&Anya = mágnes = mag = élet)
MONEY = PENIS = COMPLAINT = MILDEW (mould as mildew) = DEATH  (Magyar pénz = pénisz = panasz = penész = halál)

The age of leaving EDEN: expulsion of ATOMIC order from thoughts, language, and deeds. This is when the he/she virus contaminates Europe: the linguistic corruption by gender already set in (Old Greek), and the pseudo-philosophical, colonial propaganda of Sophism casts a veil on political and religious reality (slavery, sexism, banishment of the Goddess Leto and her oracles). The pseudo-philosophy of Sophism is forged from Atomism, the pseudo-order of Athenian democracy is also forged from Atomism – both weak imitations are insufficient, imbalanced, untruthful, and shamelessly hypocritical: totally interest-driven and violence-backed. A new atom-split common program of mentality and attitude is implanted into the European mind, walls and wars are built, campaigns and life-styles of parasitism are justified, moral rules are relativized – at the cost of order, peace, and truth, at the service of the patriarchal colonial empire (see academia and media to this day). This is the Semitic program adopted into Europe through the ruin of Troy by Greece: one end of influence in the vile mental manipulations of the Sophists, the other end in the terror-army of Persia advancing from the East. This situation and age lasts until today – 2500 minus Illig’s 300: c.2200 years of EUROPEAN BIG SLEEP: HYPNOSIS AND THREAT. We may see it as the VERY DARK AGE of political conspiracy, war, inequality, club law, forged chronicles, slavery, sexism, and colonialism in Europe – the Age of the Gender Split, when people forgot where they came from. See the hypnotic vortex arriving from the East.

1.PROVOCATION OF THE SEMITIC TRIBAL GODDESS: Semitic cultic, domestic and social patriarchal coup by the Old Akkadian language: He and She divided, She subordinated in c.2600/2300 BC, linearized mentality: invasive method of energy-supply: vampire civilisation: PARASITISM, dependency, addiction. CURSE between He and She not only socially, but psychologically and energetically (ritually)
2.PROVOCATION OF THE MAGIC HUMAN RACIAL GODDESS: SYSTEMATIC cultural, religious, physical, geographical PARASITISM and expansion of the method of division and subordination: invasion, robbery, ravage, the submission of MAG patterns, races and cultures begins, the unnatural race for natural resources, illegal snatching and manipulation of the universal atomic law from c.2300/2000 BC

2370-2285 BC Akkadian dynasty, Saragon Agade I.: devastation of Sumerian cities
2300 BC Semitic Akkadia (AKAD=block), 2000-0 BC Epoch of Aries, Old Testament and kabala (processing and plagiarising of Sumerian myth and atomic MAGic), Atonic personal cult of superiority and tyranny
7th C. – 330 BC Semitic Old Persian Akhaimenid dynasty
224 BC – 651 AD Semitic New Persian Sassanid Dyn.: 360 MAGUS TEMPLES DEVASTATED
Semitic tribes devour Kanaan, total genocide! systematic forgery of the Golden Age spirit of  Kanaan: turning Sumerian myths, and chronicles of the "Semitic" historical coup into Old Testament; turning Parthian, Philistine, Syrian stories, heroes and heroines, prophet and messiah into Bible: plagiarism and perversion, the murderer takes on the cloak of the murdered - to this day in too many ways. not only tasteless and morbid, but ignorant of the source, the spiritual reality which brings to life a civilisation, disregarding the PRIMAL ATOMIC LAW: THE LAW OF THE SOURCE, which secures the return of all caused harm or good!
Hellenic Age

PARTHIA: revival of Sumer! MAG order returns. Jesus the Christ! 
250 BC – 226 AD Parthian World Empire from Asia Minor to India: non-violence, non-gender-split, Magyar-Parthian MAGUS priesthood
2nd C. BC – 2nd C. AD Indo Scythian Empire

Troy: citadel of ancient spirit cult
Trojan war (12-13th C. BC, according to Herod. 1250 BC) is the water-shed: revelation of who is who. Political solution becomes inhuman: deceit, force, violence
The moment when the demon of slavery, fascism, blindness, lies, war bites into Europe – at the same time, human truth rises into a higher dimension globally and cosmically! The conscious Semitic devastation of the atomic Trojan energetic and cultural system, as the conscious Semitic-Indo-European devastation of the atomic Karpathian energetic and cultural system (signed in the Trianon, not incidentally), was the tragedy of MAG races, lands, and heritage – but also, on another, metanarrative level, a time-freeze (hibernation): a super-conscious MAG undertaking of death to secure future life. Both are cases of ritual TÁLTOS death, as Jesus, Attila, István, Koppány, Matyás, Horthy (Trianon, Paris 1920) – possibly also Nimrud/Gilgames/Heracles, Prometheus - to cite the masculine lineage only: the primal pattern, first in line undertake a ritual death, brought on by the enemy in fair disguise: Judas and the religious terror-state, bloody Rome and scheming "Europe", an ever more vicious and disguised Rome and "Europe"

Scythian MAGus tradition:
Herakleitos (544-484) and the Eleans

Even Hegel admits that philosophy was born when rational consciousness overthrows THE ORACLE. Even philosophical hand-books admit that philosophy is critical thinking that is not based on the tradition of the ancestors, beginning in the 7th C. BC. This, however, is pseudo-philosophy, as we now clearly see: Semitic Sophism goes hand-in-hand with linguistic, historical, and political manipulation – this, in fact, is the end of holistic, atomic philosophy
Isolation, limitation, rootlessness, ego, inner and outer blindness, cynicism! growing bad conscience, growing colonial hunger, growing ideological deception

Semitic SOPHIST lobby:
5th C. Sophist philosophy introduces: patriarchal imperial ideology of slavery & colonisation, dialectic materialism, genophobia: FEAR AND PERSECUTION of MAG races, all women, all natural and cosmic forces
Demokritos (460-370 BC)
Epikuros (314-270 BC)
manipulated and usurped Atomism, manipulated figures and usurped works

Sophism does not create but forges: an entire discourse based on the FULL REVERSAL OF TRUTH: unscrupulous & sacrilegious on the narrative level, at the same time a worthy challenge and lesson on the metanarrative level

perfect example of cynical, deceptive Sophism: naming the Atom-splitting program SEMITIC – when in fact it is ANTI-SEMITIC
GENDER-SPLIT LANGUAGES and their mental-political programs are literally, practically, structurally ANTI-SEMITIC,
while the MAG program is literally, practically, structurally SEMITIC

“SEMITIC” & “INDO-EUROPEAN” = ANTI-SEMITIC MENTAL PROGRAM CODED IN LANGUAGE STRUCTURES! specifically anti-humanistic, anti-pacific (and anti-Atlantic), anti-democratic, anti-liberal, anti-equalitarian program, being disguised as the full opposite

4300 years of cynical, deceitful, false Sophist discourse: reversing the truth by hocus-pocus and mental tyranny (arbitrary, unsanctified, illegal patriarchal authority):
see the same Sophism in calling mass slavery and hypnosis: democracy, mass sexual oppression: equality, mass slavery and ecological devastation: industry, mass idiocy: technology, mass amnesia: information age, systematic poisoning: health-care, systematic robbery: banking, institutionalised atheism: religion

the past 4300 years defined by anti-Semitic Patriarchy, going AGAINST ORIGINAL HUMAN HOLISM AND THE ATOMIC LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. book religions, warfare, codified disharmony, injustice, and untruth