“The Master does not hide, but signals.” (Herakleitos)


What does mean?

The compound is a complex microcosm of meaning. I open its depth in my own way, encouraging further contemplation, and encouraging a general attention to etymology and the real meaning of language we use daily. Words are magical tools, and we must take responsibility for the magnetic magic we cause by thinking, speaking, and acting by them.


www refers to the virtual digital network of information, operating by the binary principle, by energy illegally taken from the Earth, by technology illegally devastating the Earth. I am grateful for being able to use the digital web for learning and healing purposes, but these are necessary only in our common state and time of total amnesia. The Earth and our own health pays too great a price for our convenience and fun, for our illusion of security, for our electricity, gas, oil, water. Ironically, the binary idea comes from the atomic model, as does the network idea – the partial, artificial, technologised plagiarisim of organic laws, however, is obviously non-sustainable. The libraries of nature, our own living cells, and the Akasha have never shut their doors, and it is to these sources of information and energy that we can and must get back to.


The primary level of meaning is in Hungarian (Magyar): A MAG DALA means THE SONG OF THE SEED, which we identify and name in The World of the Seed (in the Hungarian version). The song of the seed is the testimony of the reconstructed system of the atomic seed: the Universal, Divine operation, nature, and structure, to which Mankind also belongs. So the song of the seed presents and evokes God, Unity, Life. The human factor is connected to its divine mould by emotional resonance, by memory of unity, and by creation in thoughts, words, and deeds. This is the essence of the song of the seed.

Secondary level of meaning: Biblical MAGDALA is a town in Galilee on the shore of Lake Gennesaret / Sea of Galilee. Galilee is “galil hag goiim” (Country of the non-Jews: the non-Semitic population living North of Judea, including Hettites and old Mesopotamian Gutis). Here the original goi (non-Jewish) inhabitants, belonging to the Magus-Scythian Parthian Empire, long held resistance to the manipulative-aggressive colonisation by “Semitic” and “Roman” politics. PARthia was a Scythian state structure lead by the Knowledge, Contact, and Cult of Light, and its PÁRTUS/PÁRDUC Sun-king and priests, the MAGi. The language of these people was Aramaic, an agglutinating MAG language similar to Sumerian. Jesus himself come from Galilee. (See the seriously reconstructed MAGical truth of Jesus in the works of Ferenc Badiny Jós, particularly “King Jesus, the Prince of Parthia”.) Magdala is both a mythical and an energetically real place, like Troy or Atlantis, with the similar fate of having submerged in the pit of history and blindness. Our inner Magdala lies on the shore of a magical lake, where the air is fragrant and warm. Jesus is connected to this place and its spirit by several threads, and it is from here that the mysterious biblical heroine, Mary of Magdala rises into grace.

Third level: we can associate MAGDALA with the MANDORLA- MANDULA(almond)-MANDALA meditative figure, which is also seed-like. Either round or elongated, this seed form evokes the eternal creative formula of the world and of light.

Fourth level: AMYGDALA. The so-called amygdala is a part of the brain dealing with emotions and memory. Its name is due to its almond shape. The pair of amygdalae are polar, one located in the right brain, the other in the left. We may suppose that this polar position fulfils the function of an electromagnet.

“The amygdalae (singular:amygdala; amygdala; /əˈmɪɡdələ/; also corpus amygdaloideum; Latin, from Greek ἀμυγδαλή, amygdalē, 'almond', 'tonsil') are two almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans. Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.” (wikipedia)


Memory is a key factor of New Atomism, so we do well to hail its dual source, the amigdalae. Etymologically, MEMORIA is connected to “MARIA”, the gate of remembering our wholeness. Mary, like the Great White Goddess BAU is beyond gender – as the pair of almonds show, one in each neural hemisphere.

. (dot)

The dot or POINT marks the end of human perception, and the beginning of super-human or Divine perception. It is the very threshold between our own humanity and divinity. The point is the non-extensive, meditative form of the seed. The point is the primordial total-space-time Unit, the Singular energy bud of the soul, while the seed is its Triple blossom, its manifest matter: nature, operation,.and structure, Mother-Father-Child. The pointal, monadic core of the core preserves the eternal Seal of Unity, the seed’s very essence.


First, HU means Hungary (Magyarország). Unearthing and clarifying the connection between Magyars, Scythians, and Huns is of historical and meta-historical significance. (See The Pearl images 17, 33-34.) The last Magyar-Scythian-Hun Great Sun King was Attila, who last united Asia, Africa, and Europe under the sign of the MAG, the mould of common ancestry, an Earthly Empire based not on interest but cell memory. In the triadic structuration of the seed, the HÁM or HUN is the third, outer zone (coat, membrane), so its primal function is outer protection and interface. According to my results presented in The Pearl, the complex functions of the HÁM/HUN are: form/structure, convective zone, bordering subsystem, protection and gate, physical level, vital consciousness, body, Earth, Sun, action, centrifugal coordinative construction, code: 1:∑, space-time, creative space, collective time, juxtaposition, physical/formal enlightenment, network.

According to the reversibility of the seed’s strata (See The Pearl images 41-42.), the outer Hun function, once fulfilled, may be taken a step further and interpreted as the direct manifestation of the most hidden inner depth, the Present, the MAG quality of eternal light. All of these functions were incarnated and fulfilled by Attila, connecting sky and earth, harmonising not only physical hemispheres (East-West, right brain-left brain), but history and meta-history too. (My insight is that he was the red Rider of the Apocalypse, and the others were táltos Hungarian Kings too.) Attila and his son Csaba reconstructed atomic MAG humanity for some time from the COMMON GENETIC HUN IMPRINT. The energetic imprint of the Great Hun Kingdom is still alive around the Globe. The Hun message is: from physical structure (HÁM, cell memory, genetic community, or the model of the ATOM held up in New Atomism), the ORIGINAL GREAT HUMAN SOUL, the lovechild of Sky and Earth can be resurrected.

HU is the first sound of creation. The unformulated, virgin breath is the cosmic sound, and unlike the POINT, is not an abstract notion, but a practical action. The exhale, the outpour of breath or wind is the first and last movement of every system. HU is the pure Word, where polarity is virginal, at the height of its potential: the sound H arrives from beyond the throat, from the metaphysical source of sound and breath: from the Soul.