Theory of Revelativity: revelation of substance, and the ritual model


The presentation of the essence is necessarily revelatory.” (Hans-Georg Gadamer)


The vision of revelativity offers an alternative mentality to the theory of relativity.

Everything in the world is revelative of the ATOM: the essence or substance which is at once objective and subjective, outside and inside, above and below. The ATOM is non-relative, but absolutely revelative. The ATOM holds a mirror. ATOM = GOD.

Cultic experiences, insights, and books reveal something about our own very essence. The key to revelative stuff is our capacity to participate. Participation is a mode of being in which we lose our apparent identity to regain our real identity.

Revelativity takes us closer to ourselves: reuniting the magnetic poles of source and aim.

The Theory of Revelativty is a philosophical and existential watershed: an initiation.

"The mechanism of the cultic agency is revelation. What we are witnessing is the spirit of a book revealing itself as text, in other words, the structural manifestation of a subtle body." (Intro. to the Living Books)

Excerpts from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles (pp.12-13., 29-30)


"Insightful and synoptic vision is required for the interpretation of narratives which manifest signs of metanarrativity. This approach, however, goes beyond interpretive strategies, as it is the single mode of resolving the irresolvable problems of story. Insight pierces through the thick material of plot, straight to the hidden texture of substance i.e. specific points and passages. Synopsis sees the cohesion of these points and passages as the subtle body of substance in concealment, in other words, the emerging illuminated and illuminating character of the book.
...the protagonists’ fictive rites of passage are the readers’ potential rituals of initiation. This revelative potential of books is activated at once there is a clear grasp of substance. The Living Books offers a broad view, a number of approaches, and a scientific model of the literary textual substance which is ritually revealed. We believe that the scientific observation of the spirit of books does not take away from its sense, but that knowledge of it deepens its effect further. The warning should be added to products of substance such as the books of Bowles: in involvement, the necessitated self-reflection may cause possible reverberations in morality and mentality. The revelativity of a certain cultic text, therefore, is an immanent potentiality, its effect depends only on the intensity and depth of participation."

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THE ALCHEMIST'S LAB - unpublished bases of The Living Books

The ritual model: the metanarrative organism / hermeneutic model of ritual metanarrativity

The three principles of metaphysics revealed in metanarrative operation, nature and structure

metanarrativity is the part of narrativity where nothing seems to happen, but where a metaphysical surplus appears. this surplus is sensible by way of some kind of revelation: as the tools of objective cerebral processing are insufficient, the personal intuitive world is opened. this opening takes place as revelation, in which the subjective and the objective viewpoints are identified. it is always personal and universal, always actual and metanarrative: a-temporal, full temporal, and super-temporal at the same time. 

Textual reconstruction (inductive synopsis) and ontogenesis of experience (deductive analysis):

1.Orientational principle. Metanarrative operation: vertical movement in a-temporality

2.Generative principle. Metanarrative nature: central autonomy (homeostasis and homeodynamism) in full temporality

3.Formative principle. Metanarrative structure: process of organization and creativity in dynamic temporality

The triadic unit of hermeneutic/metanarrative/organic essence/nuomenon in text and experience. unity outward, trinity inward. at its core: pulsating rhythm of stasis (state of being) and dynamism (evolution, motion, development) – the basis of autonomous life is unity, the basis of effective life is trinity. the complementary duality of rhythm is the vertical path between above and below.

Three principles of organic vitality and their synergy in the phenomenal nuomenon constitute the model of the natural-human-cosmic morphic-metamorphic enigma – as it is manifest in the language, time, and rite of literature. autonomous and analogous system of reference.