the cultic code: a book of three


“ become conscious of the substance of life” (Paul Bowles)


Zsuzsanna Váradi-Kalmár, THE CULTIC CODE - bases of New Atomism

Private publication by the author, Buda, Hungary, 2015. ISBN 978-963-12-2131-2. Hardcover, 208 pages. Including:

  1. The World of the Seed - the general theory of New Atomism
  2. The Living Books of Paul Bowles - the theory, practice and methodology of New Hermeneutics, doctoral research
  3. A Sense of a Maze - allegorical documentary film, in Arabic, French, and English, with English subtitles


This work documents how an archaic paradigm is reborn from contemporary cultic forms, and how it integrates and interprets an entire universal network of reality. As a living sign, the subtle metaphysical body of essence rises out of works of art, and is modelled as the magical formula of the seed. It reveals itself as a concentric, spheric unit and an analogous-hologramic system, as the deep structure of the physical world, the human being, time and space, rites of passage, and language. Through the organism of core language, the cultic figure is deciphered as a specific, single trinary code. This enigma completes the interdisciplinary analysis, and leads back to the vital forces of truth and beauty, from a shadowy labyrinth into the light of life. The paradigmatic proposition, the scientific research, and the cinematographic experiment complement each other, offering a complex intellectual, spiritual, and visual passage into a mode of seeing and being in our world of the seed.

I come to recognise that art, like language, is a cultic vessel carrying the Codes of Creation! The atomic code is decoded both from cultic texts and from cultic language! There is more physics in poetry than we imagine - the two major feats of poetry: the paradox and the metaphor refer directly to the MAGic source, see the central core of the atomic seed in The Pearl. In the analogical world, a good book presents the operation, nature, and structure of Eternity, replaying the act of Creation, bringing to life something eternal in the mortal reader.