“near to the wild heart of life” (James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man)


“A black star appears, a point of darkness in the night sky’s clarity. Point of darkness and gateway to repose. Reach out, pierce the fine fabric of the sheltering sky, take repose.” (Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky)


 LÓKUPÁS ORDER: the MAGIC ORDER of the horse-head - the Magyar TÁLTOS order

Lókupás Order and Spirit present in Ancient Greece (see mythology, philosophy, and historical accounts)
Táltos Order and Spirit present in the Karpathian Basin and in the MAG tradition of Huns-Shythians-Magyars since time immemorial, in direct and uninterrupted lineage, until today!

Working with fragmented information, synoptic-synergic personal insight and experience must be put into the research of this field: on my part, and on your part also! It seems better, anyway, to have to experience, to live this field of information, to find the LÓKUPÁS QUALITY in ourselves, than to get it readily interpreted, referenced, and applied! Basis of the problem of book religions: DIRECT, SUBJECTIVE CONNECTION AND APPLICATION OF ENERGY is blocked mentally. The ORDER OF THE HORSE-HEAD is primarily a mystery to feel, a cult to undergo, AN ENERGY TO LIBERATE: its enigma is itself a rite of passage.


– phases of evolution: mystic path of initiation: human character development

LEU-KIPPOS = LÓ-KUPÁS: of the horse head/cup

ÉL-ÉLŐ-LÓ: to live, living, horse: same consonantal root, family of meanings

The Lókupás Order may seem like a closed mystery order particularly because hardly any information remains – but the eradication of facts has been executed by the same colonial propaganda which uses Lókupás methods of healing and teaching for its own occult and political benefit! The idea of an exclusive club is contrary to clubs of excellence: you cannot be better than others - if you think you are better than others. The Lókupás is not a social club, but a type of magnetic energy field, which concerns consciousness and conscience.

Scythian-Hun LÓKUPÁS Order: specific serious energetic task, like all other mystic cults and racial undertakings.
More than mystic: School of Life. Fate plays part in the táltos initiation. Fate is the field to manifest one’s soul-mind-body excellence and power.

All cults relate to one or another aspect or phase of creation: in the analogous world system of the MAG, all aspects and phases are whole entities, and together with other aspects they form a greater wholeness. So all cults aim to present totality, while by their particularity they order themselves into a greater community, the greater process of sacral, eternal creation.
Basic projections of the Whole World: NATURAL, HUMAN, CELESTIAL – all containing further triads.

1.ARCHAIC TOTEMISM is a complex and sophisticated, non-violent and organic energetic system. Gaining access to cosmic energy through a natural figure, access to celestial infinity through Earthly definition, access to soul energy through an elemental imprint! Alchemical cultic passage: transformation of part to whole, particular to universal, model to system – magnetic charge generated by the dimensional leap which a totem necessitates. Totemism is at once a particular field, a sub-system of creation (nature, Earth, elementals), and a total field, an autonomous system (the animal kingdom presenting a hologram of the kingdom of life) – trait of atomic, cultic entities.

Totemistic animal cults not only represent the original natural alliance of the Earth (physical reality and source of energy), but manifest the original process of creation (meta-physical reality and source of energy).

Differentiated functions/aspects/phases of the creation, evolution, existence, beyond

TOTEM: through animal – to astral!!! Milky Way

energy of the white horse: direct connection with Milky Way energy channel: people of the Archer: pointing at the cosmic gate through which the Omni-Galactic Sun arrives.

  1.  CULT OF THE FALCON (turul, kerecsen, sólyom=szellem=spirit&peace): pure, boundless, swift mentality lead by the soul, (see The Pearl images 30-2., 35-6.) ETHEREAl
  3.  CULT OF THE HORSE: a leap more differentiated, further into physical matter: pure, boundless, swift mentality/spirit ruling/leading the body ETHEREAL-PHYSICAL


 Comanche horseman


cult of the unicorn, Pegasus, cult of the white horse: prophecy of the final Day of Judgement, Salvation, Victory, when the Judge, Saviour, Victor arrives on white horse

TÁLTOS = LÓ / PARIPA (horse): supernatural horse, mythical mother, father, helper, vehicle, path of the hero/ine

FEHÉRLÓ, FEHÉRLÓFIA: equine Magyar mythology (White Mare, Son of White Mare: Madonna and Son, Boldogasszony/Bau-dog-asan and Her race)

etymology of MARE: Scythian origin MÁR-BÁR – sign of the Cult of Light, also sign of division and subordination (mare reduced to partial female role in gender, instead of holistic female role in super-gender)

3.CULT OF THE HORSE’S HEAD: precedes the cult of the horse, as the head is the concentrated figure of the whole creature

how does the HORSE’S HEAD come to present the CENTRED SYSTEM OF CREATION? (-as opposed to colonial cosmological fiction of homogeny and isotropy, a forged scientific and moral system of de-centeredness and aimlessness.) See The Pearl image 104.

KUPA: head, cup/grail, KUPÁS = KELYHES: European “Heretic” tradition of the sacrificial cup, blood-line, grail


4.HORSE AND MAN: cult of the centaur

archetype of CENTAURS: HORSE&MAN = BODY&MIND = SOUL: expressing and experiencing the soul, the source through the counterpointal magnetism of horse & man

ARCHETYPE: CHIRON (KHEIRÓN) great teacher and healer, astrologer and oracle, peaceful and super-intelligent, lives on Mount PELION (PÁL), saves the life of Peleus

Among his pupils were Achilles, Actaeon, Asclepios, Heracles, Iasón, Peleus, Perseus, Theseus, and in one Byzantine tradition, even Dionysos: “Dionysus was loved by Chiron, from whom he learned chants and dances, the bacchic rites and initiations.” (wiki)

superior nobility and selflessness (see Táltos sacrifice: Kheirón’s death pattern)

My suggestion: the horse-riders of the Apocalypse are the three-plus-one táltos kings of Hungary – Nimrud (white), Attila (red), Mátyás (black), Horthy (grey) – history = apocalypse = Dark Age


Kharón (Charon): catabasis – descent into the underworld: Scythian táltos initiation journey! Heroes such as Aeneas, Dionysus, Heracles, Hermes, Odysseus, Orpheus, Psyche, Theseus journey to the underworld and return alive, conveyed by the boat of Kharón.

RÉVÉSZ (ferry-man) – RÉV (ferry/crossing) – RÉVÜL (go into trance: Shamanic táltos ecstasy) – RÉ (Egyptian God of the Sun) – in solem verti: to become the SUN (identify with one’s own ATOMic SEED structure)

SUN = SZEM (eye, seed)

The táltos vehicle (horse, boat, vertical movement) carries the táltos soul to its own greater dimensions: the journey is a rite of passage inside – not outside, and its vehicle is: MEMORY: feminine. While the atom is the transgressive structure, the horse and man is the transgressive attitude: CONNECTION, FUSION, RE-UNIFICATION OF DIMENSIONS

HÁRMAS (triadic) PRINCIPLE: the passage between dimensions, see HERMES TRISMEGISTOS (expressed originally in the verbal entity HÁRMAS)


centaur plus-one: BOW&ARROW

Mounted archery still represents the centaur code of focus and honour (see A lovasíjász / The Mounted Archer Hungarian doc.film 2016.: the return of the Centaur, the great Asian-European Hun spirit)

ORIENTATION in life! only the source can orientate! not the direct physical target, but the meta-physical target: SHOOT THE MIND INTO THE SOUL: RETURN TO THE SOURCE! Ego-orientation, which is coded in colonial mentality, does not fly the arrow! Source-oriented cultures: the mind, as energy, is stretched and released, the cosmic movement returns to its unmoving source: the constant Sun of the soul. At once animistic and astral, conduct and teaching (see Khairon the centaur, teacher of mythical heroes).

To rear and reign the horse of the body, gain the speed of flow, shoot the arrow of the mind! Non-atomic mentality can neither reign the horse of the body, gain the speed of flow, or shoot the arrow of the mind.


the táltos are an order of Magyar MAGi, who are the prototype of Gandalf! they are always white (like the Pálos brothers&sisters: not in outer show, but in inner glow) – Gandalf is always white by spirit (mind), red by heart (soul) – and green/grey/black/blue… in appearance (depths of dimension). See the symbology of the Hungarian round banner, the KOKÁRDA, presenting the triadic Atomic structure, as well as presenting the triadic path of initiation! (The Pearl images 32, 52, 55)


See the vast TAYOS (táltos) cave system in South America! MAG tribes keep its gates safe from ignorant colonist gold- and occult-hunger. Cavern system, knowledge of the world underground. Magical passage of the Inner Earth: not merely physical, but meta-physical reality is said to really open. See the colonial lust, greed, rush, and failure to penetrate. See also the success and mystery of Móricz János: real original model of Indiana Jones, see the research of Purisaca Golenya Ágnes. See the same tradition treasured in the caves of the Himalayas, with the same tragic fate of the keepers! The Pyramids merely copy the natural energetic PÁR-BÁL magnet which exists naturally in cavernous sacral mountain-ranges. Dragon of Light: the grand tunnels of energy: meridians of the Earth and Sky: the táltos are known to ride dragons! Riding, fighting, taming supernatural forces is the role of the táltos: a key role to fulfil. What the lightning does to the atmosphere, the táltos does to humanitíy: maintains the magnetic resonance between polar extremities. It is not a formal privilege or a practical mantra, like priesthood has become, but a trying service. See the same goal of Marko Pogačnik and lithopuncture: elemental force-fields and centres regenerated by re-balancing poles.

UNDERGROUND AND OVERGROUND KNOWLEDGE: cult of being asleep under ground, and cult of flying up in the sky – metaphors of life! It is not the occult that is of worth, but the life that is realised through the cult: the depth and height of life. It’s all life, on all levels, and the táltos present two poles of humanity, maintaining the basic human spectrum of resonance despite historical events. Events from these extreme perspectives are but a dream, shadows passing over the Creator’s forehead.

The wildness and strength of life is not in abstractions, but in the sense of reality, which comes, and may come to any seeker, in A FLASH OF SELF-EXPOSITION TO ABSOLUTE LIGHT: the white horse supremely presents this lightning, as white is the sole total source of all colours (see Creation, “plus-one” system). To survive that flash morally and mentally, to identify with that horse, one must be prepared in consciousness and conscience. (See The Living Books of Paul Bowles, where the quartet of novels presents the dramatic effects illumination can have upon the unprepared Western dilettante, but also the liberation, bliss, and great chance of new life offered in such tabula rasa experiences.)

Read excerpt from ,The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles II.I. Separation of narrative, and observation of its metanarrative tendencies. Journey and encounter in the Western literary tradition. Point of break-through: encounter with substance. pp-54-58.

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TÁLTOS ORDER: magnetic field, not organised by human calculation but by the magnetic resonance of the entity: there is a basic, unmanipulable and unforgeable model of resonance

Open to the Milky Way, extra senses, powers, and body-parts

For specific cultic practice of táltos cult and all aspects of MAGic faith and life, see the 1000-year chronicles of horrific heresy trials in the Karpathian Basin.
For astral knowledge of the táltos, see the astro-mythical patterns of Hungarian folk tales and folk knowledge, see cosmograms and atomic figures of MAGic civilisations all over the world, see folk art (The Pearl!) Milky Way: TEJÚT, the táltos is said to drink milk before going into transience. Metaphoric milk: white, from mother, connecting certain natural elements with certain celestial qualities, along inner capacities for magnetism: fusion and creation!
For extra senses, powers, body-parts, see documented trials and colonial law of the past 1000 years in the Karpathian! Maria Theresia ordered all extra body-parts to be removed from Hungarian subjects of the Habsburg Empire. Ady Endre, prophetic Hungarian poet of the fin de siècle, was born a táltos with six fingers on one hand – he mourned the extra finger removed forcefully by the enlightened colonial medical system. Her son, Joseph II. was even more ferocious toward the Magyar Cult of the MAGic Source, although he himself was a devout occultist.

But the táltos order is wholly unlike secret and semi-secret colonial occult orders: the táltos are always ascetic, hermetic, in constant energetic and social service: healers, helpers, teachers. Primarily: in constant awareness of organic inner order, inner harmony, and inner balance!

Táltos journey – similar to Shamanistic journeys, but táltos ritualism presents an even less Earth-bound, more archaic, more light-oriented dimension: closer to cosmic mentality. THE TÁLTOS ARE THE GATE-KEEPERS AND PATH-CLEANERS OF COSMIC HUMANITY! See Kheirón & Kharón returning to their common tradition: they are aspects of the very same ritual energetic task: the post of the TÁLTOS MÁGUS.

7.TÁLTOS MAGIC: SACRIFICE of the vehicle – bottomless well of meaning

Fate of the táltos order and fate of the Karpathian, fate of the MAG: ritual death and resurrection.

Trianon: physical dismemberment of the Karpathian body. At the same time (metanarratively/metaphysically), being cut up is an alchemical stage of vegetative disembodiment (see cult of Osiris and táltos/lókupás).

Mythical Aktaion similar to Leukippos: turned into deer and ripped apart by his own dogs

Kheirón’s sacrifice: Heracles arranges a bargain with Zeus to exchange Kheirón’s immortality for the life of Prometheus, who had been chained to a rock and left to die for his transgressions.

“In Ovid's poem Fasti Ovid has the hero Hercules visiting Chiron's home on Pelion while Achilles, still a child is there. While Chiron is examining Hercules' weapons, one of the arrows dipped in Lernaean hydra venom falls on Chiron's left foot and poisons him. Chiron then tries to use herbs to heal himself, but fails. After nine days with a weeping lAchilles ooking on, Chiron passes into the stars. Chiron was made a promise by Zeus that as long as he was needed as a trainer of demigods, He may exist in this world, He is among us today as not just a constellation but an inspiration.” (wiki!) – as a SPIRIT!

So Kheirón is a spirit in the totemistic divine-human dimension: PAR EXCELLENCE LIMINAL FIGURE, UNIVERSAL WITH UNIQUE FEATURES. Spirit: non-location, subtle meta-material, genderless, boundless yet concentrated. Between God, Man, and


Milky Way – Atomic Way (TEJÚT-TELJÚT): direct connection to life through outer and inner cosmic totality

epithet (descriptive byname) of Leukippos in mythology: “of the white horse” – original meaning of the name, according to Károly Kerényi: “white stallion,” “celestial white colt”

MAN – MANE (hair) – MÉN (horse)
1.root of Indo-European hu-MAN-ity in the Centaur tradition (also E-MANuel, MANi: aspect of divinity, MON: moon! feminine, MONad: the uncuttable unit
2.hair means spirited mentality (SZELLEMISÉG), see the forged story of the Philistine hero Samson (SAMAS/SZEMES: the Sumerian Sun-god of the MAG)

táltos=tátós, TÁT: open (see Thot) – cosmic-human-natural opening: cleared gateway and passage

HŐS (hero) –s (of heat): the hero is the son of the Sun (son: androgynous)