MAG language versus the he/she/it virus


“The seed is the word of God.” (Luke 8:11


"Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes.” (Matthiew 21:42)


Atomic language holds witness to holism

IMAGINE THERE’S NO HE/SHE/IT: in the original atomic languages of the earth, there was and is no such gender division and subordination which would disturb the magnetic resonance of the speaker, facilitating unobstructed communication in devotion. To visualise the logic of atomic MAG languages, see The Pearl , images 37-42, 46-47.

the structural division and subordination which is implicit  in the gender-divide of linguistic mental programs causes an entire vortex of division and subordination, causing inequality, violence,  war, colonialism etc. - all in the fog of linguistic hypnosis: artificial  obstacle and conflict embedded in indigenous languages - the original unity of all languages is explicit in etymology

Read excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, I.4.6. Cultic language. (pp.42-45.)

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Non-atomic language program: splitting the seed with the HE/SHE/IT VIRUS

See The Pearl, images 43-44.

Gender-specific pronouns are associated with grammatical gender: masculine, feminine, neuter, or with social gender: male, female, or with ecological gender: neutral or inanimate, lifeless. The HE-SLASH-SHE-SLASH-IT form of defining the second aspect of God is simply insufficient in fulfilling the original aim of language: devotion to our inner totality, harmony, and balance.

This small mental crack, THE MASCULINE-FEMININ SEPARATION IS A MENTAL VIRUS, and it is the very cause of all today’s political, economic, social, personal, and ecological mess! The gender-splitting virus may have been caused by a lack and crack of faith, starting a PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL AND POLITICAL VORTEX of compensation: lack of trust in inner wholeness (AT&OM), shame, partiality, exclusive mentality, cheating, lie, systems of lies and openness to lies, hypocrisy, forged history, mythology, and ideology, racial, social, sexual and ecological exploitation, aggression, intolerance, wars, religious and social victimisation and injustice, parasitic civilisational attitudes, mania, hysteria, superficiality, ignorance, fear, dependency, self-insufficiency, colonisation, slavery, patriarchy, banking, corruption, empires of force, industry and consumerism, fascism and chauvinism, egotism and materialism: everything which takes us OUTSIDE OF AUTONOMY, UNITY, AND HOLISM. The malady of the HE/SHE/IT is an UNHOLISTIC, INORGANIC, ANTI-LIFE PROGRAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS, caused by inner de-concentration, discord, the loss of the inner One-ness: reverberations of a LOSS OF LOVE. Gender-division is both primal cause and further justification of the ABNORMAL ENERGETIC ATTITUDE OF DIVISION & SUBORDINATION (parasitism, exploitation, colonialism).


photo by Amagdala

The GENDER-BOUND MENTALITY is a relatively young language program, a limited and limiting tool of patriarchy – which itself is an amnesia, a forgetting of wholeness that is the Being One, the not needing to take the energy of the other. The problem of the he/she/it is caused by an INNER CONFUSION BETWEEN THE DIVERSE ASPECTS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE SELF. Male-female, right-left are aspects we have and which motivate us. Soul-mind-body are our functions. These operate in a harmonious beautiful way normally, if human consciousness and will do not interfere. They do interfere, however, in the consciously fabricated linguistic barrier between Sky and Earth. For LANGUAGE IS DEVOTION, and languages should remain devotionally structured. The gender-split is not devotionally structured, for in speaking to God and of God, WE CANNOT SEPARATE THE MALE GOD AND FEMALE GOD, CHOSE ONE AND DIS OR EXCLUDE THE OTHER, which all gender-splitting language do! Right? God is “Father”, we say. “He” created the world. In certain language families, even in speaking to God, “You or Thou” is gender-split, excluding even the thought that the totality we must face in facing GOD IS AT LEAST HALF FEMALE. Or do we not dare face the One we speak to? Perhaps in shame? For these religious and civilisational programs trample the Female God as they trample each other, other nations, the Earth and its nature, and historical truth. Some of these languages, religions and civilisations have no word even for Priestess or Goddess. This virus of the exclusively masculine, rational, subordinative attitude and mentality takes its victims among MAG-language-speakers as well, so holistic language is no shield against personal temptations – as gender-split languages do not predestine to a subordinative life program, but certainly put up a MENTAL WALL WHICH TAKES A DESPERATE STRUGGLE TO OVERCOME. The basic problem is not with gender-splitting races or nations, or with the force of events they have stirred, but with their mental mode, which is simply limited: thinking that humans are insufficient energetic units, who need to suck the life of other units in order to live. By design we are entirely sufficient energetically, as long as our body cells are kept whole and un-mis-programmed. Nature and the cosmos provide a magnetic field which pamper humans. In terms of rejoining the system of holism, deep cell memory does magic: it IS magic (literally MAG-ic i.e. seed-like, atomic in Magyar). For THE ATOMIC STRUCTURE OF THE PHYSICAL CELL ITSELF IS THE MIRROR TO CONSCIOUSNESS FOR REVISION, AND THE MODEL FOR HEALING. Meditation upon the MAG structure and its levels of meaning (see examples in The Pearl) is medicine, opening a door of universal energy and being. The cleansing begins with SERIOUS HISTORICAL REVISION. Our hero, the Western hermit baptised by the spirit of the desert, Paul Bowles says, “No one can know where he is until he knows where he has been” (Paul Bowles, Next to Nothing). All initiations begin with the phase of nigredo, the dark phase of falling into revision, a devotion to the Black Madonna of memory. Deep cell memory or conscience must be faced, the sooner, the better.

Grammatical gender division, the he/she/it is a system error, a mental virus of humanity: a PROGRAM OF DOOM, for it has brought darkness to the Earth and its once proud nations. When was it these language codes appeared? The “Semitic” code, the “Chinese” code, the “Indo-European” code, perhaps there are others, the colonial codes broke the ATOM OF CONSCIENCE and CONSCIOUSNESS, putting a spell on the psyche and closing the third eye. The time these mental programs appear is exactly the time when the great ancient Goddess disappeared from Cult, and when super-physical phenomena, capacities, and women in general became subordinated. THE INVISIBLE WAS SOLD FOR THE VISIBLE. WHEN THE COSMIC GATE OF THE WOMAN WAS CLOSED. Hegel says philosophy began when the individual consciousness of thinking man took the place of the oracle. This may be understood on a historical level as the very time Leukippos, the oracle of Pallas Athene and Apollo left her legacy to philosophy. The legacy was immediately counterfeited, into the materialistic-political colonialist counterfeit-Atomism of Democritus and democracy. Democritus and democracy are only two products of the demonic collective spiritual vortex, the program of INNER INSUFFICIENCY AND ITS COVER-UP SHOW, the PATRIARCHAL CONSPIRACY.

Etymology: BAB meaning gate in certain traditions, BABBA-BAU being the ancient Goddess, the Mother of All, the supreme source, who is BEYOND GENDER, being the source of the ATOMIC form. This gate lies in the centre of every physical cell, and should lie also in the centre of every act of speech and thought. Atomic language models should be reconsidered and remembered, for the model is the key to the cosmic door – which is opening up right in our very lifetime, now.

The inclusion of genders into language is always politically forced, just as entire total language changes are also political attacks of aboriginal Earth spirits! DEGRADATION OF LANGUAGES BY GENDER: WEAKENING THE MAGNETISM of the Human heart, mind, and body, severing the common resonance with nature and cosmos. Greece: Old Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Slavic East Rome – Latin West-Rome, Celtic, German, Gall etc. devoured by Latin. America devoured with all her original nations. Japan: Meiji era. The problem of China, Australia. All aboriginal nations, almost all vital capacities of the Great Human Body PAID OR FORCED TO DRINK THE HE/SHE POISON.

Etymon: Gr. source word, the original root of a word, compact in sense, meaning, and form. Etymons such as MAG carry a micrososm of meaning and an endless potential of concentric blossoming. We cite the linguistic comparative analysis conducted at the Sorbonne, Paris in 1968, which shows the presence and weight of etymons in all living and extinct human languages. The vocabulary of English has 4% etymon, Latin 5%, Hebrew 5%, Hindi 9%, Tibetan and Sanskrit 12%, Old Turk 26%, and Hungarian (Magyar) 68%. (Research of all living and dead languages conducted at the Sorbonne, cited in: Dénes Kiss, Before Babel (Bábel előtt. Isten nyelve, avagy képességünk a magyar nyelv, 1999.) 

inorganic, synthetic, unfounded, artificial, arbitrary, un-cultic, unnatural and un-cosmic, illegal, unfair, unwise, immoral, ungodly, unjust, imbalanced, disharmonious, unholistic, aggressive, violent, destructive and self-destructive, incompatible, insufficient program caused by the he/she/it virus


photo by Amagdala

There are many interesting cultural cases. Greek: gendered, but agglutinating. Katalan. Turkish: no gender but Patriarchal Islam. Hungarian was attempted to be infected by the split-gender virus during 18th -19th Century “Enlightenment”, sent from France with love, but apparently the language shed the program, she could not be broken. See the list of heroic languages unbroken by gender! They preserve the original MAGnetic mental structure and cardinal resonance, the atomism of humanity!

Breaking the common form of HE and SHE and IT BREAKS THE FLOW between man, woman, and nature, mind, soul, and body, right and left, above and below. They are immanently invasively, TYRANNICALLY STRUCTURED languages. No linguistic element, as no being should place oneself above the other, no energy should be taken without return. In gender-split languages, the masculine overrides and invades the feminine, and in many cases the neuter, nature also. This causes irreversible linearity, thinking in lineage, invasive, parasitic attitudes. At the bottom of the problem, however, there may be no more than a slight imbalance: the discord between one’s own capacities, a feeling we all know.