The Leukippos model


“...the torso still glows like a candelabrum...
This stone...
...[bursts] right through its confines, like
a star: for there’s no place in it
that does not see you. You must change your life.” (Rilke, Archaic Torso of Apollo)


atom: hologram – Leukippos is a hologram figure, reflecting the totality achievable by any person! A complete atomic work and person can be reconstructed from any of its/her/his units!

myth, initiation, knowledge

see key cultic figures! Leukippos is such a figure, presents MAGNETIC METAPHORICITY: simultaneous analogy (identity) and crossing (complementation): we connect (feel) and disconnect (observe) the figure –  this combination is the fuel of understanding and betterment, being the fuel of evolution and elevation!

the figure of L. creates a certain cultic structure: MAG

both HE and SHE, so L. was both father and mother of Atomism, although the physical body of the historical person must have been a female body, as her community must have been Hun Scythian Magyar (Lókupás) – MAGical in this sense means: general, common, universal! MAG is THE most inclusive model and system of existence


androgyny of functions only realisable through a woman! simply because at the moment only the female structure can give birth, while all other human functions are shared

phonology: LKPS SBLK LeuKiPPoS-SyBiLLiC basic consonantal connection

what is in your heart will soon be on your face!

she/he holds a mirror to eternity, for her/his story begins and ends in Divinity

but she/he also holds a mirror to current events

her/his point is: by reuniting the AT-OM inside, the original inner unity of energy and matter, inside-outside, right-left, above-below, she/he becomes a source of light, shining as well as reflecting

L. her/himself shows THE WAY TO SURPASS INNER SCHISM OF ANY KIND, by showing the SIGN OF THE ATOM, the UNION OF GENDERS, and the FLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT: the beautiful head

gesture of revelation and LOVE