We might have thought that the atom, seed or MAG only defines the physical universe. This is merely the surface of reality. There is a whole vast deep ocean of metaphysical reality beneath our physical consciousness.
Sub-atomic, - or super-atomic reality is also atomic! The REAL, TRINARY ATOMIC STRUCTURE is the common code of the ocean of life, it is  - or sould be present in all ways, as the subtle LAW, an OATH, a BLESSING. 
Wear the atomic truth close to your heart as a MAGical mandala, a medallion. We know the MEDEan, PROMETHEAN tradition of carrying DIVINE FIRE, but we forget that this is originally the right and RESPONSIBILITY of all people - since we all live by this atomic fire.
Step out of esoteric-materialistic blindness, and see the system we are uncnsciously part of: first see the historical/political-financial-ecological-religious scam we serve, then see the bigger plan which involves darkness to recharge eternal light.
MAG-focus and -consciousness is not an end but a means to illuminate and befriend our own ocean of sub- or superconscious reality. 
The proto-atomic symbol of the pearl, so perfect and beautiful, eternally mysterious, carries the secret of transformation between dimensions of life. The pearl is the primary, covert counterpart (Moon) of the overt wheat seed (Sun), which carries the hermetic mystery of the trinary atomic structure, the key to all dimensions. The Pearl (Gyöngy) and the Seed (MAG) bring to you the enigma of Hidden and Manifest Light. These symbols together as well as individually represent the core of the atom, over-mystified and alienated as the Creator, DNA or quantum.
Figures of the SEED (Sun, Pearl) are static but present a distinct motion: the creative dynamism which returns into itself. It is the model of the self-generating spiral or the torus. The MAG is the single model of self-regenerating, homeostatic and homeodynamic life.