Leukippos and Atomism: philosophical fragment and living tradition

What you do not understand in reading, you understand in the time of visitation.” (Thomas Kempis, De Imitatione Christi)


Leukippos holds a complex sphere of meanings: he/she/it is a mythical figure half-way in divinity, a legendary figure between history and meta-history, a real historical figure of great significance, a creature fulfilling and surpassing gender roles, and a mentality presented in a certain MAGic cult.

Let us begin the search with the historical Leukippos, who was the founder of European Atomism. The person lived in Ancient Greece around 500 BC, in the time and place of a great paradigmatic change. This is when the he/she virus contaminates Europe, through Greek. (Greek is a concentrically structured language rooted in Scythian, but the three linguistic genders were nailed into it  around this time, c.500BC.) Leukippos the philosopher leaves the written heritage of universal thinking for the coming Dark Age – which was seen foreshadowed already for over a millennium by then, in the rule of Old Akkadian language with its gender fascism and vertical closure, Hamurabbi’s bloody pole with its rule of aggression, and appearance of manipulated myths and chronicles was the obvious sign of darkness descended upon Earth. This Leukippos re-presents and presents the ancient MAG tradition: ATOMIC PEACE, KNOWLEDGE, AND ORIENTATION.


1. FEMININE by body, masculine by mind, divine by soul. why necessarily feminine channel? the central, core aspect of the seed of life (atom) is its nature, which is the feminine aspect as followed by the operational aspect (masculine) and structural aspect (child). the core of the ATOM is its feminine nature, and the originator of Atomism is a woman. (ANALOGOUS VISION of the Leukippos mystery, of history, of life) Leukippos is a Madonna: "priestess" or "oracle" blessed with the conception of a complete world system.

2. SCYTHIAN. MAG LANGUAGE AND HERITAGE, necessary colonised position and crucifixed fate of the underdog. HUN-SCYTHIAN-MAGA magus women have a key role in civilising Europe since c.2500BC

3. LÓKUPÁS, traditional HUN-SCYTHIAN-MAGYAR ORDER of the LÓKUPA/LŐFŐ/MÉNFŐ, the horse's head: TÁLTOS (cultic healer, teacher, leader). Leukippos=Lókupás, in the Ancient Greek dialect of Magyar. TÁLTOS is not identical with SHAMAN but they fulfil distinct functions in the same MAGic world

4. MAGUS literally: ATOM = MAG, ATOMism = MAGia – pure original creative magic

5. LEUKIPPOS = SIBYL OF TROY supposed identity! (Sibyl c.530 BC, L. c.500-450 BC?): their role, figure, position and fate is analogous

6. CULT OF THE GODDESS concerns, defines, and liberates her identity. basic, primal cult in all original cultures! all patriarchal religions were once rooted in the DIVINE MOTHER: mother Earth (homeland), mother TONGUE (language). cult of FIRE (Hun/Scythian/Magyar ÉGI TŰZ: celestial fire, from which the Greek ekdysia and Roman igitus derives) . the keeper of the fire (home) is always the woman because the GOD MOTHER is the keeper of the eternal fire (love)

7. INITIATION RITUAL takes her role beyond the limits of gender, appoints her the meta-narrative role we recognise: TRUTH DIED WITH HER, TRUTH RETURNS WITH HER

- these are all hypothetical points, but 1. no less hypothetical than what the official version, 2. clearly inspired, 3. well supported, and 4. entirely cohesive. a whole picture comes together in front of our eyes, a picture which has been reversed by our education system of the colonial patriarchal establishment 

the role of women 

The Leukippos case

We hardly know anything about the philosopher Leukippos, only a single cosmological fragment survives. Nothing certain can be known of the life and person, even the Ancient biography by Diogenes Laertius says nothing certain, only about the theory and its influence. Apart from the mysterious fragment, Leukippos’ atomic system survives deformed in the works of a later philosopher, Demoritus. D. claims to have been L.’s pupil, but cannot be trusted. While L. is the preserver of the MAGic Atomism of Scythian Ancient Greece (before the gender-split), Democritos manipulates Atomism to propagate the colonial materialism of Semitic-influenced and -dominated Ancient Greece (after the gender-split).

Even the birth place is disputed, usually said to be Miletos. Supposed to have taught in Hellas around 450 BC. Academic fine arts depict Leukippos with a big beard… J So much for the trustworthiness of academic information: the real person disappears, data are obscure, gender altered, works stolen, deformed, misinterpreted and misused. What is undisputed is that he/she was close to Heraclitus and the Elean school. This alone, however, is key evidence. Heraclitus is a typical Scythian, the school is typically MAGic, and Elea is obviously related to Ilion (Troy): the last tower of MAGical Atomism. When Troy fell to deceit and force, the age of fair play, peace, and holistic thinking ended for both Asia and Europe, the gender-split implanted into the MAGic (concentric, agglutinating) Hellene linguistic structure: three genders “introduced” (tricked and forced) into Scythian Ancient Greek between 800 and 300 BC – which then degenerated further into Latin (combined with stolen Etruscan MAGic features), which degenerated further into Indo-European languages through the rape of Scythian-Hun Europe by the Roman Army’s force and Semitic occult conspiracy politics wrapped in language structure

THE CASE: manipulated figure, manipulated works, manipulated world view. Same method of corrupting Atomic metaphysical-physical cosmology as corrupting Atomic language, or the Atomic message of Jesus.

We suggest that L. was a Hellene Scythian woman, a female MAGus (MAGa). We also suggest that Leukippos is not her personal name, but the name of the MAGic cultic order she belonged to: the LÓKUPÁS Order. The word literally means: OF THE HORSE-HEAD in Magyar (Hungarian), and refers to an entire cultic cosmos, of which Troy (Ilion) was a key centre post. Trojan lineage and spirit of L.: totem of the Horse, MAGical creative force and formula of the Horse’s Skull, securing direct connection with the natural and astral spirit world. The archaic atomic MAGic knowledge and meta-physical vision of Troy (Ilion) is preserved by L. Evidence for a much higher cultic, scientific, and ethical civilisation in Asia and Europe – before the gender-split colonial infection set in to ruin not only past glory, but the path to the past, future, and eternal glory.

L. is said to have been the first to define the ATOM as the single stable model and first principle of the universe, while in fact was one last of the Mohicans. Platon and Aristo also interpret, draw from, and cite L. as the source of Atomism.

“Nothing happens in vain, but out of reason and necessity,” says L., sending a message of consolation, encouragement, and signal across time&space. This is the essence of TELEOLOGY, the teaching of source and aim, the basis of a meaningful life. Tradition of teleology is Scythian-Hun, presented also in archery, kung-fu etc. Cyclical thinking, cyclical mentality, cyclical language structure: MAGic.
AT-OMic model: CIRCLE OF PROPORTION = GOLDEN AGE (ARÁNYKÖR-ARANYKOR): ethical philosophy (see Creation, Balance, harmony, order)