INTRODUCTION - the saving seed


Learn how to see, realise that everything connects to everything else!” (Leonardo da Vinci)

...and discover that the basis of all connection is the SEED: the MAG.


szr mag2MAG URA (Lord of the Seed) with MAG ÓRA (Seed Watch)
(Assirian copy of Sumerian divinity)


The essence, in pictures here:

This virtual sibylline book proposes and shares a set of paradigm-changing discoveries, which open a whole new world of consciousness and energy. Having been seeking wisdom and wonder, these discoveries were the result of inspiration, research and initiation. True recognition and understanding is a personal process, and I, the half-veiled author, offer my own illuminations and other collected revelations and found connections for YOU to find and boost YOUR OWN old-new world, and to rebuild our collective human Old-New World. AMAGDALA builds on science and art, concrete and abstract, masculine and feminine, bridging physical, mental and spiritual gaps, as well as the gap between the body, the mind and the soul. It is exactly the fusion or rather original, systematic Unity of qualities which turns out as the main discovery: the innate code of balance, harmony and order. I offer the kind visitor a vision of HOW and BY WHAT MODEL EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, advancing the wholeness and connections of OUR OWN LIFE. The science and art of the coming Golden Age requires and offers personal rites of passage. AMAGDALA carries ancient codes common to all mankind and to the whole living universe. In my founding works, The Cultic Code and The Pearl, I retrieve and revive Atomism, an ancient system of seeing and being, with new conclusions and new sensations. I reconstruct a view in which MAN AS A WHOLE is a living magnetic particle in a living magnetic world. Let's enter our own whole & connected self, where science, spirituality, cult, language, and everyday life merge!

B0001204 in the desert of Kanaan
(photo by Tarek Awedah)



original images and concept by ZsVK.

1. The atomic basis of the physical world is common knowledge.
2. Physicists now testify that only c.5% of the universe is physical matter as we know it. Beyond, 95% of our reality is physically non-perceptible, metaphysical matter.
3. Even metaphysical matter is atomically structured. In fact, it is the ATOMIC STRUCTURE which HOLDS TOGETHER PHYSICS AND METAPHYSICS, MATTER AND ENERGY, THE WORLD AND OURSELVES. I present the simple ATOMIC STRUCTURAL CODE which holds the Law of Unity: Two in One – Three in One – All in One.
This, I suggest, is the CODE OF MATTER as well as the code of SPIRITUALITY, CONSCIOUSNESS & CONSCIENCE, and CONDUCT. This is the sign which connects all worlds, the seal which unites all creation, the model mould of all analogy. This Atomic complex is the organic SEED OF LIFE. ATOM=EDEN: the structure of wholeness. This itself is the UNIVERSAL LAW of Life, Light, Love! Being conscious of our basic coding - and feeling, thinking, speaking and acting by it is the door to EDEN CONSCIOUSNESS. The physical gate of this is the pineal gland, the non-physical one is psycho-linguistic coding.
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 original images and concept by Amagdala

So the seed is: the SOURCE. In The World of the Seed, I outline the general theory of New Atomism. I find that the connective, common model of the universe is the TRIPLE INNER BIND OF THE ATOMIC PARTICLE. The structure is to be observed most accurately in a certain family of the ancient, atomically structured/structuring HUMAN LANGUAGES, for language is also a living organism! The atomic MAG language family is by now almost extinct on our planet, but its organic structural PROGRAM carries the only universally and spiritually compatible magnetic mental charge. The word MAG and its etymological microcosm is the key to Atomism: MAG means SEED or CORE in Magyar (Hungarian), illuminating a MAGnanimous sphere of our global encyclopaedia. Etymons, the ancient key root-words reveal a holistic world submerged. The etymon-content of Magyar is 5-17 times that of other languages (Sorbonne, 1968), and we cite Magyar words to clarify and illuminate archaic notions and connections still existent in the MAG cultural and linguistic network. This super-conscious subliminal global network preserves, against all odds, the common heritage of all mankind. MAG-lingual are the archaic high (MAGas) cultures such as the Sumerian, Parthian, Dravidian, Uyghur, Pali, Japanese, all Native American, Berber, Etruscan, or Celtic - all original, indigenous cultures! Language holds a clear mirror to conscience and consciousness, and its evidence is a decisive factor in the global human drama.



original images and concept by ZsVK.

The paradigmatic question is LOYALTY. I clarify that all languages, peoples and races belong originally to the atomic MAG tradition and order! (See The Pearl) Etymology preserves the ties, while linguistic structure pinpoints the problems. A single language family remains LOYAL to the original ATOMIC LAW by program, others have become disloyal: MAG languages preserve the SEED structure, Chinese, Semitic, and Indo-European languages have abandoned it. The "original sin" program of Chinese languages is the isolation of parts of speech and parts of the world, see the split from their MAGic Hun (Kung) roots - while MAG languages agglutinate, unite parts. (Amagdala does not yet deal with this huge civilisational problem package.) The "original sin" program of Semitic and Indo-European languages is the split into genders - while original, ancient MAG languages do not split HE AND SHE, so the cycle of personal pronouns runs smoothly. MAG languages are naturally coordinative, associative, concentric and inclusive - organic by structure, while gendered languages are unnaturally subordinative, dissociative, linear and exclusive – inorganic by structure!

See more about the ÉN-TE-Ő-GENE theory and reality here.


Our entire global gender-struck civilization is built on the dysfunctional, de-centered, unstable linguistic model of the ATOM SPLIT BY GENDER. Entire language-families carry BROKEN, NON-ATOMIC PROGRAMS of political colonialism (he), social and religious patriarchy (she), and nature-abuse and ecological terror (it), which force a universally and spiritually incompatible magnetic charge. The basic program of all today's time- and guilt-bound imperial & colonial political, religious, economic, social leviathans. Look at this man’s world out of control, the vortex of patriarchal destruction  - and look at our systematically mis-programmed words of devotion, our manipulated language, our forged histories! THE DIVIDING & SUBORDINATING WORLD IS UNSTABLE and UNSUSTAINABLE, ITS INEVITABLE FALL IS CODED IN ITS CRACKED LANGUAGE. Mental walls may fall, and may bring down cities of illusion. Beyond temporal programs, however, we all belong to the fellowship of the MAG, which allows the correction of errors, even system errors – as long as we have time. Global cataclysm is to rise from ill programs, global rebirth rises from healthy programs. The original sin is the submission of the feminine principle. Patriarchy is a supermassive black hole of a conspiracy - from a higher viewpoint it is the dark phase of a grand mythical rite of passage. The arch disloyalty of man-made programs concerns Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Land, Mother Tongue, mystery and cult of the Virgin Queen Goddess, pure Matter, source Memory, super-rational intuition, empathy, inner vision, blood-line and heart-beat - the entire pimal half, the very SOURCE OF CREATION.

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mouth, eye, HEART

We mis-program ourselves every day by wrong cultural, linguistic, and genetic codes, but the deepest imprint is the true one: the holistic, wholesome, healthy ATOM. Look beyond your forced language program to see YOUR ORIGINAL SELF in the mirror of a TOTAL GOD UNLIMITED BY GENDER OR ANY OTHER DUAL ASPECT! New Atomism reconstructs the lost knowledge of the constantly omnipresent un-split God who is Father, Energy (AT) and Mother, Matter (OM) in ONE ATOM, ONE LOVE. The flux and cohesion of the universe is based on magnetic love by principle. Justice and Love, Energy and Matter, Sky and Earth together create the sacred order of the ATOM. This order is realised in every healhy ATOMically operated, natured, and structured holon of life, from physical cells to families, societies, cults and sentences of prayer. Whole and broken images of God lie veiled in atomic and non-atomic programs of language, mentality, and behaviour. But God is the atomic mirror of consciousness and conscience in our own centre of being. Although our vital patterns are largely modelled on collective linguistic, cultural and religious moulds, we are personally responsible to our own inner atomic mould for the way we THINK, SPEAK, AND ACT: what our life, as a truthful MOUTH, says. This ageless wholesome mould of seeing and being may be: deep-cell memory, at once entirely physical, and entirely metaphysical, matter and energy, individual and collective. Real conscience is knowing the structure of our physical cells and the law coded in them. So on the one hand, the atomic GRAIN (MAGSZEM /SEM/) therefore is an inner EYE (SZEM /SEM/), mirror to every thought, sentence, and act of our life. Yet beyond the clean mirror, the ATOM is a single universal HEART, source of non-judgemental love flow. 


It takes a definite effort to change our vision, attitude, and ways, and by the effort we pay our karmic debts. To make the evolutive step awaiting humanity, we must recognise and tune into the MAGnetic universe. The MAGNETIC PRINCIPLE OF LOVE within the AT-OMIC centre gives birth to a surplus of energy, manifest as LIFE, LIGHT, ESSENCE, SUBSTANCE. All living things exist by this organism. As languages, cult is also atomic. The atomic SUBTLE BODY of cultic books is explored in my doctoral research work (not accepted by my university!), The Living Books, where I attempt to lay down the foundations of the theory, practice, and methodology of an atomic New Hermeneutics. In my Theory of Revelativity, I explicate the system by which metanarrative essence (soul) manifests itself in the narrative dimension (story). I find that the initiatory mystery novels of American-Moroccan writer Paul Bowles manifest the cultic code of the MAG, a magical, concentric and analogous consciousness & conscience, which he received and channelled in the MAGhreb. Recognition of the atomic sign in any context is itself magnetically, magically charged and charging. Particularly in a confused and reversed world.

AMAGDALA MAG kokardaoriginal concept, realisation and photo by ZsVK.

circle of proportion & virtue = golden age

Understanding our individual and collective Atomic Law and accepting its consequences is the first step towards PURIFIED MATTER AND FREED ENERGY, their source lying asleep in every one of us, and every unit of us. I invite you to tune into the universal atomic source through a mental and hopefully spiritual trip, which may bring its fruits in real life experience, attitude, and decisions. Observation and meditation on the atomic world helps us become more CONSCIOUS, more AUTONOMOUS, better INTEGRATED internally and in the cosmic-human-natural world, more CHARGED AND CONNECTED. We can KNOW, FEEL, AND LIVE BY the MAG code of the atom. AMAGDALA sheds atomic light on the question of real identity, the deep meaning of situations, personal, political history. The atomic structure may be recognised as THE SIGN OF THE LAW: CIRCLE OF PROPORTION = CIRCLE OF VIRTUE = GOLDEN AGE (ARÁNY-KÖR = ERÉNY-KÖR = ARANY-KOR)

historical & COSMIC MEMORY:
memoria = maria

Who were we before we were mis-programmed in history? Who are we before we are mis-programmed each day? I believe that realising our original physical, mental, and spiritual Atomism could help cure today’s seemingly insoluble total human crisis! To remember our individual and collective wholeness, to return to the ONE through cell memory: is possible. There is nothing to lose, but illusions, fears, amnesia, fake identities, superficial attitudes, unfounded sets of preconceptions,  the bad program of division & subordination, and the bad historical karma of colonialism. AMAGDALA offers the atomic structure as a mandala, and I shed its light on a sphere of questions I find MAGnificently important and interesting. Our world may open doors which open further doors, to open you toward your own Atomic MAG-ness, your hidden but totally real eternal source of life, truth, and beauty. In our allegorical experimental film A Sense of a Maze, we map the MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE SOUL in the enchanted labyrinth of Fez, following a curious blue dog, weaving the NET of the MAG into a dream tapestry of music, words, visions, into a sense of the essence. 

Thebai Pantokratorandrogynous Christ in the pyramid of Thebes, discovery of the fresco by.Győző Vörös

silence - resonance

Amagdala is an autonomous total world made up of original sparks and flames, networked information, and personal devotion. I attribute all value to my higher Source, and salute all the strong connections which call, teach, and encourage me. Silence and resonance equally vitalise me (CSEND - CSENDÜL). I envision a MAGic network of humanity, connected by the sign of the ATOM. I embrace all familial interests and initiatives, and am open to all further information and quest. 

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