True history: psychological and chronological reconstruction


“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” (George Orwell)


According to Orwell's sentence, the most devastated people are those who most misunderstand their own history.

history of war needs to be clarified completely, in order to arrive at peace. The resonance of HOME is PEACE. The world is at war because entire races are NOT AT HOME IN THE WORLD: not where they are culturally, genetically, emotionally rooted, not speaking their original language, not praying to their original GOD. The colonisation of the world has reached its final stage, all life sources have been usurped. At the centre of this vortex, the core of imbalance is masculine dominance: the tyranny of the left brain, patriarchal aggressive political expansion and eco-terror, gender-exclusive social systems, languages, and religions. Let us find our way back home to totality, to the source: EDEN or the ATOM, through MEMORY. It was not such a long time ago that the schism appeared: between Father and Mother God, man and woman, mind and soul, man and nature, truth and lying - and with schism: disorder in functions, guilt, compensation. Cellular and cosmic memory help us break down the colonial machine with its physical, political and social rule, total brainwash, and spiritual disorientation.

By today: an artificial system of denied history, TOTALLY FORGED GLOBAL HISTORY! Serious, urgent radical revision is necessary! living in lies is unhealthy and ultimately LETHAL for the soul, the mind, and the body, the MAGnet disintegrates. Our Atomistic, MAGical, MAGnetic CORE reality needs to be reconstructed.


From our understanding and feeling of human racial unity, we wish to heal deep historical maladies. Before we begin, let's clarify that while looking into history, into the BODY OF TIME, we are looking into our own INDIVIDUAL and COMMUNAL CONSCIOUSNESS and CONSCIENCE. Psychotherapists know that to solve knots, we must descend into our genetic and meta-genetic roots. COLONIAL CIVILISATIONS ARE PROGRAMMED BY NON-ATOMIC LINGUISTIC CODES, from the Semitic, through the Indo-European, to the Chinese (see MAG language), and we can indeed observe their increasingly negative energetic tendency, a WORSENING PSYCHO-POLITICAL-ECOLOGICAL VORTEX . We suggest that the limit of repressed or explicit pain human civilisations can bear has been surpassed, so by now a TOTAL RECOGNITION AND ACCEPTANCE OF HISTORICAL TRUTHS is less painful than maintaining the towers of denial we are all tempted to build.

root of inner schism: lack of courage to take the leap of faith and trust between narrative and meta-narrative dimensions, between man and woman, physical and metaphysical, rational and intuitive. The difference between the two poles of our own dual nature is a PROBLEM ONLY IN THE MIND. The key question of inner reality is: where do things go wrong between the soul, the mind, and the body? Where does the magnetic signal of our centre weaken do much that we stray from it in thought, word, and deed? Where does visible and invisible reality separate so radically? According to the historical-linguistic example, the schism between history and truth happens when you BEGIN TO SAY and WRITE WORDS OF DIVISION and SUBORDINATION (he/she, lack of vowels and the feminine principle), and you IMPLEMENT THEM AS LAW (our own self-sanctified bad habits linguistic rule, family and state law, religious dogma, casus belli, historical and religious forgeries, systems of hypocrisy).

The CORE QUESTION OF CURRENT HISTORY is: where did our things go irrevocably wrong? When did misunderstanding and mistrust arise in the first place? We suggest that historically, psycho-politically, and linguistically humanity has been living in the APOCALYPSE of BABEL, an inner confusion and war (division and subordination) SINCE AROUND 2600 BC., when the first he/she gender-splitting language was implemented in the brain of a tribe – who immediately destroyed their entire cult of the Goddess and submitted their women – destroying and denying their own feminine principle. This we pinpoint as the BABEL-POINT, where man and woman are separated from table (heart) and bed (sex). The he appears as opposed to and above the she, visible reality (sexual divide, AT vs. OM) begins to victimise and eradicate its own source: invisible reality (undivided AT-OMic magnetic energy). The self-eating circles of negative consciousness and bad conscience SYSTEMATICALLY DENY their own source, the Great Mother who is older than the Father, but without whom in any case, the human magnet becomes a disposable sack, Motherless matter, a rootless tree. The roots are systematically poisoned by patriarchal human civilisation programs, but the roots can regenerate fast, the wounds of an entire gender (at least half of the human race!) can heal, as can wildlife and nature. Just pull out the plug, and let it come down, let the truth come down to wash out our systems of pain and denial.

The current GLOBAL NEGATIVE HISTORICAL VORTEX springs into being in the Sumerian Empire, against the Sumerian Empire itself. The first EXPLICIT SIGN of INEQUALITY is from around 2600 BC (appearance of the first gender-splitting language, exclusively male God, and linear vision of the Semitic Old Akkadian system), and it turns into MANIFEST ACTION around 2260 BC (Saragon Semitic Assyrian tyrant of Akkad performs the first genocide, political coup, cultic robbery, linguistic inorganic/robot technology, slavery). The third IRREVOCABLE LINE drawn, cutting the way to holism: Semitic Babilonian Hammurabi’s ruthless pillar of law struck into the heart of Babel in 1800 BC: the sanctification of war, revenge (talio), violence and oppression between the parts of the human system.

Patriarchal dream. The rise of a malevolent and ruthless patriarchal system and its parasitic energy-program, carefully wrapped in a linguistic program. The HE/SHE LINGUISTIC PROGRAM OF DIVISION AND SUBMISSION is the stamp of a broken atomic mould, a cracked human life program. Now the program has run its course, taking humanity on the verge of global suicide, we see that this MANIPULATED SYSTEM PROGRAM FAILS TO SERVE BUT PROVES TO MISLEAD HUMANITY: not only the submitted part of the population, but primarily the submissive part. We see that in the game of history, THE ILLUSION OF TRUTH IS THE OPPOSITE OF TRUTH.

THEORY OF A GALACTIC ECLIPSE or NEW MOON: since 2600 BC – to c.2000 (minus Illig’s 300): 4300 years of a Galactic Father totally overshadowing a Galactic Mother. iconic Sybil’s 3 hours of darkness!

MORPHOGENESIS OF “SIN”: a sequence of transmissions. The transmission of a negative feeling into negative thought, negative thought into negative remark, remark into negative vocabulary, vocabulary into negative action. Since when is the process IRREVERSIBLE? the inner negative vortex is FORMULATED from the start! even an untransformed negative feeling operates as a catalyst of further negative energy! the point is to transform all negative tendencies into positive – at any point in the process! the prodigal son

disharmony inside between body and soul-spirit, between the weight of visible, narrative matter & force, and the buoyancy of invisible, metanarrative matter & force. disconnection, shame, denial, jealousy, bad-mouthing, slander, burial all take place primarily between our inner capacities!

how and why does the friend turn foe, the lover turn stranger, the father turn murderer? how and why does brother turn against brother? how and why does THE THEMATIC VORTEX OF LOVELESSNESS enter our historical consciousness? what happens between Golden Age and violent rage? how and why do we shift dimensions? we can find the Babel-point of falling away in every situation, from grand historical decisions to invisible everyday decisions. In a mythical sense, the period of patriarchal history (HIS STORY) is an organic sphere of veiled reality. organism of HIS STORY is really a proper initiation, a real cultic rite of passage, with a core, a drive, and a projected structure. HIS STORY is not written by HIM (HÁM), but by HIM&HER, the unity of the ATOM, our collective MAG, which has undertaken to dream three dark days.

SOURCE, the MAGical Babel-point of exit within love (security into freedom, leap of faith); THE DRIVE: FLIGHT, AIR, AND SPIRIT; and a FRAME: the seed-coat, the dual membrane of the HUN (HÁM). the MAGness of history teaches a key lesson: to see from both outside and inside: synoptic vision to see the MAGness, the holistic, ATOMic structure of phenomena.

the road from connection to disconnection is longer than the road from 2600 BC until today. within this period, a bad program was run through the human population of the Earth, and we played our civilisational parts, pretty much to the end. as if it all has been a test of faith for the soul entering heavy matter. we forgot that the visible is the tip of the iceberg, forgot the soul and its magnetic nature (both feminine and masculine), forgot the original aim of the soul in the dark, unseeing physical world. life on Earth has been a tricky escape room for the past 4300 years, since a certain film has been playing, in which the father is a strict old guy, head of family, who has a bipolar relationship with his sexually repressed son/s (denied as daughter/s), and a denied relationship with his wife. This narrative, emotionally biased scenario is a projected, manipulated version of the original story. The original story is to be found in all original MAG myths, all over the Globe. The Biblical historical film we all play a part in, is a DE-FUSED DRAMATISATION of the Sumerian myth-model, which is originally a proper illumination plan: a user’s guide to our own energetic system: the MAG, the MAGENET. myth=model! MANIPULATE MYTH=IRREVERSIBLY WRONG MODE OF VISION, AND MODE OF LIFE: wrong way of handling the human body of time.


Chronological reconstruction

the single factor completely missing from our historical understanding is THE KEY: the core. the stolen centre, as the stolen centre of our world view, is a whole section of the whole, the One, simply edited out, as the soul, the Mother Goddess, the intuitive side has been eradicated in the past few but bloody millenia. likewise, the people of the MAG and the land of the MAG, all Atomic MAG languages and MAG conciousness. eradicated because the mag, the seed is LIFE - devastated by uncontrolled mental programs of self-destruction: the gender-divied language programs ruling the human consciousness of the Earth. colonialism, sexism, and ecological terror are coded in your language! these miscodings, namely the gender-divide with all its unfortunate consequences, block your passage to your original wholeness and your original past. TO FIND OUR WAY BACK TO EDEN, WE MUST GET ACROSS OUR ENTIRE PERSONAL AND COMMON PAST. without clarifying the past in general, and this MAG factor in particular, no historical crisis can be solved, no future can be built. on the metaphysical level, the people and the land of the atomic MAG mean the stable inner core of every living entity. in order to find our own core truth, we must first peel away all the layers of historical blindness, and then deal with all the karmic responsibility: clarification is a serious and urgent task, individual and communal. our relation to the MAG is manifest on all levels: the lack of our personal atomic centredness and connectedness comes from our lack of memory: we forget our personal source as we forget our civilisational source: we forget the soul of history, the whole point of being incarnate. let us remember our subjective MAG story through clarifying the forgotten and forged objective history of the MAG

we find that originally all races and nations of the Earth come from one atomic mould, one MAG: each with a different place and function, but each with a definite place, and all united in the common atomic human system (see The Pearl images 33-34.)

degeneration or diversion: Rhesus negative blood type appears 35,000 years ago in the Cro-Magnon

there is a definite Grand Narrative of races and peoples, a story where original unity is spoiled by a trick. this trick is patriarchy, which begins in the heart: a lack of love. then it continues in the mind, into language and cult, into religious and behavioural suffocation, wars and madness. the original place, the MOTHER has been forgotten: the Goddess, primal source and originator of Life, soul and home hearth, mother land, mother tongue - these are abandoned and forgotten in the time of veiled truth and troubled Unity. 

TIME factor is key: the temporal factor extracted from anything e.g. a historical or personal situation, we get the essence: a metanarrative holon, an ATOM, a PEARL of truth, unified by love. the end of the Grand Historical narrative must reach its source. the end and the beginning, as any two poles, are interchangable, Eden might be our future. passage: the good traditions we all carry.

1.Karpathian home of the MAG

MAG-NESS = MOULD OF CREATION = CRADLE OF LIFE = ATOMIC MAG-PROGRAM of human operation, nature, and structure

the Karpathian Basin is the MAGic centre of the entire archaic (and current) Global MAG civilisation, see cultural and linguistic evidence in  MAG culture and MAG language

Karpathian geophysics: the crust of the Earth is thinnest, magma closest

Karpathian “Mesopotamia” (“between rivers”): two sacred rivers, fertile valley, surrounded by the Karpathian Mountains. this is the original MAG cradle, the operational, natural, and structural model for all river-valley civilisations

mértani Centre of Europe: Csepel island on the Danube between Buda and Pest. Heart (centre) of Europe: Karpathian MAG energetic system. Centre of Magyarország: Szarvas (deer - the golden deer is the mythic animal of the Hun-Magyars, who leads the seeds of humanity from a cosmic East across the Milky Way into the fairy garden of Earth).

Karpathian circle: total world: microcosm: seed=MAG

Karpathian genetic continuity up to today: hereditary land of the original MAG people: Magyar-Szik-Hun (see The Pearl images 17, 33-34)

34 000 BC split bone arrow-heads in the Istállóskő Cave

34,000-year-old runes in the Bosnian Piramids

25-35,000-year-old built landscapes in Székelyföld

min.20 000-year-old ethnic motifs

tönköly: 12 000-year-old wheat in the Karpathian Basin

c.6000-4000 BC megalithic culture: cave systems, pyramids, menhirs

cast stone!

Karpathian cultural revolutions followed only 1000 years later in the rest of Europe

Kárpát neolithic age 10 000-4500 BC, (copper age 4500-2800,) bronze age: 2800-800,

while in the rest of Europe, neolithic 9000-1800, bronze 1800-500

Karpathian linguistic and cultural continuity

the ancient visual, interpretive, and expressive cult of the Karpathian Basin is clearly concentric

5700 BC Karpathian Basin: earliest line ornameted ceramics, earliest developed agriculture, energetically precise sacral land-architecture

5500-5000 BC: Tordos-Vincsa culture, Tatárlaka (Maros river): ceramic disc with runic inscription: similar to the insciptions of Mesopotamian Sumer, but c.1800 YEARS OLDER THAN THE EARLIEST MESOPOTAMIAN ARTEFACTS. 3 letters/signs from Székely Magyar runic (z, ny, gy single sounds)

continuity between Karpathian Magyar and Babilonian Sumerian script, language, culture

Karpathian Atomism

the language of runes is MAG-principled: concentric, coordinative, non-gendered

roots of humanity

4800 BC built landscape: circular árok körárok-rendszerei (szentélyek) Karpathian Basin e.g. Polgár-Csőszhalom 5 concentric circles! sixth inner circle

Gordon Childe and Fritz Schachermeyr admit that the teaching masters of the European races were the Scythians of the Karpathian Basin

by 4000 BC, Germanic and Hun races separate (not yet linguistically), and remain connected for millennia

2.Sumerian world

Key scene of history: Golden Era suddenly radically upset by mutinous “Semitic” (Hun?) tribes

4800 BC Babilonian Golden Gate: cosmic-human-natural cooperation, Sumerian-Kaldean-Parthian city states: Kis, Nippur, Uruk, Úr, Eridu, Lagas, Babilon, Szúza, Mári (all have specific meanings in Hungarian!)

Babilon: Babba (meaning gate, beauty, báb, bába, baby) Ilona –cult of the virgin mother Goddess: Tündér Ilona fairy queen, fairy cult. fairy=TÜNDÉR in Hungarian, dingir=arch-God in Sumerian

Nimrud (father of Hunor&Magor)=Gilgames=Herakles

astrology, mathematics, zikkurat architecture, script art, serious aqueduct system to regulate the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

around 2600 BC: first gender-splitting language, the anti-atomic Semitic linguistic structure appears in Sumer: Old Accadian language: organic program of the MAG is broken. language torn apart: he/she=beginning of subordination – root of problems, point to return to

2115 BC SUMERIAN UR-NAMMU’S arch-democratic BOOK OF LAW – oldest legal code in the world! in Sumenrian MAG language, written by priest king. Source of law: earthly deputy of Celestial King. Love for the people! Original democracy: humane, social sensitivity, ethics

the mutinous Semitic Huns (sem=eye/core) bring down and annihilate the Sumerian Empire in 3 big blows:

2260 BC: neighbouring Assyrian Akkadian Empire, Saragon/Sarrukín I. conquers/exterminates Sumerians (Sárkány=dragon)

ENTER THE DRAGON - THE AGE OF WAR BEGINS, LASTING UNTIL TODAY. a low sub-frequency phase (lovelessness) in the FREQUENCY of TIME 

1960 BC next Semitic blow

1800 BC SEMITIC HAMURABBI’S arch-terrorist BOOK OF LAW – justifying the bloody invasion of Sumer, force state, TALIO: eye for an eye “principle”, inhumane punishments, mass eradication of MAGUS PRIESTS, occult degeneration or destruction of temples,  codified OPPRESSION OF WOMEN, interest over value

from Ur-Nammu to Hamurabi, from ATOMic vision of law to anti-ATOMic vision: 300 years

from 1750 BC the first seed-splitting language, Semitic became official in Sumer. Sumerian people’s options: submit themselves, get killed, or go away. fled Sumerians employed by the Chinese emperor to build aqueducts

anti-atomism: limited view of God. so-called monotheism = semi (half)-theism: exclusive patriarchy with the demon of a repressed Goddess (mother Earth, mother tongue, mother land, sweet mother, sister, lover, daughter, moon, priestess, queen, heroine, vowels, the invisible, the meta-).

3.Further key questions

Who was Jesus? Who writes and finances the gruesome screenplay of wars, genocides, human catastrophes, and forged histories? See e.g. the books of Ferenc Badiny Jós, and the memoir testimony of Sydney Wartburg, concerning the Christian sacrifice and the Jewish sacrifice. The aboriginal sacrifices all over the world reach justice in the sky. We must love but know our foes.

WHO BENEFITS? this is the trick, because WE are also drawn into the web of benefitting! which means WE are accomplices in our own destruction. this is where the grand narrative turns into metanarrative: for WE NEED TO REALISE our own responsibility! cunning SYSTEM OF DEPENDENCY AND SHAME to be overcome. key teaching on Earth, an adventure of consciousness and conscience to realise: WE ARE WIDE OPEN BOOKS, nowhere to hide from our own inner independent totality. all worldly benefit becomes dust in the face of inner wholeness: our personal ATOMism. every single atom is ACCOUNTABLE in the atomic universe. we are under our own judgement at all times. passing judgement phase, however, life becomes blessed again.

The winners of history do not write but over-write history, both sides get to feed on the same delusions and lies! The losers of history, the people of the MAG are no weaker, on the contrary. See Celts, Huns, Native American, Maori, Uyghurs etc. Were they, are they weaker? By no means, on the contrary: far superior in ethics and connectedness. They let the aggression run its course as if letting the night pass, because they know the light of justice is meta-narrative, always present. Native American priests noted that the European gold- and lust-hungry conquistadors were CHILDREN! As children, we tend to be overwhelmed by the flux of our narrative, unaware of what individual and communal dramatic role we really are playing. Right now, these children, and the children of these children are victims of a civilisational program (gender-splitting patriarchal colonialism) which goes full speed against its own vital source: woman, nature, soul, the atom, the Earth. realisation and responsibility: mode of vision, mode of life.

Herbert Illig: 614-911 AD false history inserted. Why? To sever the continuity with Attila/Arthur. 1000 AD Hungary finally colonised by the Judeo-Roman Imperial Church, Latin language, destruction of the runic script, round churches, ritual grounds and liturgy, forced aggressive conversion from the ancient MAG Christianity, the Cult of Light - to Imperial Christianity and the cult of pain and death, shame and guilt. 1000 years of systematic eradication of ancient Magyar tradition system, roots, self-understanding, annihilation of magi, táltos religion, all magical traces in physical and metaphysical reality, architecture, religious and social order, documents and memory. Total systematic cynical robbery of a people’s past, devouring the very real inheritance of an ancient Earthly kingdom. USA itself was founded (1492) from the robbed treasury of the murdered Hungarian King Matthias (1490), the most powerful and wealthy renaissance magus Apostle king of Europe, the next key figure of European Politics after Atilla. The treasuries of the Mayas and other great American MAG cultures went fast into building a puffed-up predator baby state, controlled to this very day by the heirs of Saragon of Akkad.

Conscious, systematic plagiarism of all robbed MAGic nations! See the pseudo-magical occult foundations of all ancient and modern colonial states, occult Nazi States, totally occult fascist background of the US. Only pseudo-magical, because the core of the MAG is the LOVE principle, not hate. 

TOTAL COLONIAL HYPNOSIS (along the he/she divide). Greeks hypnotised by gender exclusivity (Zeus as guy) since Troy. Europeans hypnotised into the illusion of a great empire since the Romans. built from blood. Americans totally hypnotised by the illusion for 500 years. built from a sea of blood. white Anglo-Saxon Australia? Islamic Indonesia, Africa? forced, unnatural tendencies, PSYCHIC UP-ROOTING. COLONIALISM. Is the Father God of patriarchy desperately seeking his counterpart all over the world, while She is AT HOME? in original temples, rites, myths, homelands,  and languages. Hungarians hypnotised by colonial propaganda for 1000 years. the trend of sucking energy and/or plagiarizing from the enslaved is the common phenomenon of colonisation, and can be sharply observed throughout history, to absurd degrees! counterfeit histories, counterfeit identities! forged Bible, forged history books! but delusion to think illusion, cultural mimicry, and lawless aggression can last. GRAVITY OF INTEREST IS NO LAW! root of the pathetic and bankrupt system of economic and political subservience: subservience to our own secondary, weaker, insecure masculine capacities, to the rational, physical, to narrative. must have inner strength to transform our weakness and transmit it into a bigger system of strength. strength is home (security and freedom). strength=energy whirlpool in the physical body=mystic rose. what are the true benefits of a gruesome history? 

revise key battles and see their forged, reversed or underestimated truth: 1250 BC Troy, 451 AD Catalaunum (Troyes), 907 Pozsony, 1456 Nándorfehérvár 


America: inflated Rome, amnesia, bloody hands. for 2000 years, ever-hungry Rome gets to take the blame, behind the shadow-play is a deeply split spirit and body, victim of the polar nature, the doubt of magnetism. Money = compensation: a vortex of guilt! The greatest cities and empires of the world are heavily burdened with guilt. Putting the blame on others increases the guilt. The forged history we get to consume is saturated with the guilt of the political forces selling it - in order to cover up their current responsibility. Even though artificial, genetically burnt-in language programs control the world robotically, everyone has the right, the capability, and the task of reinstalling the original, organic human mentality, the original human order in the larger universal order. 

America: 60-million original population wiped out, a continent naturally devastated, a politic deeply rotten. Do you know Hitler's Third Reich and the holocaust was financed by  the Wall Street of New York, supported by the City of London? Read the memoirs of the agent, Sydney Wartburg. Same source of blood money fuels all the wars and unrest in the world. Oil and gold. Absolutely illegal, against the law of nature to capitalise on these! Do we think nature will not respond to suck vile usurpation as industry? The Globe (itself? himself? herself?) is a iving, feeling, responsive entity of an ATOM.

WAR lineage - America"s role model: Europe. Europe's role model: Rome. Rome's role model: Assyria. Assyria starts with the bloody pole of Hamurabbi.

Final act: attempt at GMOs and the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership): Europe-USA Free Trade of GMOs: free manipulation of European seeds: poisoning life by misprogramming living organisms, flooding the natural food basins of the world with genetically manipulated, energetically degenerated seeds. against the human body, against the grain’s body, ultimately against the Earth’s body. the universal system is a wide open picture: everything witnesses everyone. only in our mind can we get lost, if there is not enough light coming from the heart. humanity is at its wit’s end. take the cap off! cap=self-destructive language program - gender division is linguistic seed manipulation!

MAG = SZEM /SEM/: atomic SEED or EYE in Magyar. The TTIP is literally ANTISEMITIC: a direct, aggressive war on natural grains

Ironically, it is the Semitic languages which split their SEM or seed the deepest, inventing the he/she divide, to colonise the woman. But so-called Indo-European languages, beginning with Sanskrit ,Greek, and Latin are close to follow and raise the stake by inventing the neuter gender, to colonise the environment. See The Pearl images 43-44. Degrees of real antiSEMism.

natural migration of animals vs. forced/provoked migration of humans

50% of wildlife has been eradicated by US in the past 40 years. are WE not responsible?

Our suggestion: all FOUR RIDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE: MAGUS KINGS of the Magyars, have made their mark in time: Nimrud (white archer), Attila (red with sword), Mátyás (black rider with scales of justice), Horthy (grey with death and hell)

Why are there wars? Why is there terror and unrest? Why is there homelessness, poverty, injustice, trash? Are WE not involved in supporting enormous destructive systems? Do we not buy plastic? Use cars, planes, watch TV or some digital thing? Are we not hooked in some way? In some way of WAR?

Do we know our ancestors, connect to our root land? Don’t we use the language our ancestors were FORCED to start using? Have we forgotten the language of our blood, the song of our cells, the music of our inner spheres?