Metaphysical desire 


“As ‘twixt two equal Armies, Fate
Suspends uncertaine victorie,
Our soules, (which to advance their state,
Were gone out,) hung ‘twixt her, and mee.” (John Donne, The Extasie)


alchemical wedding


Atomic outpour and fusion: dynamic meditative state

M and N convergent, so AM-AN (AMEN) is an INNER COUPLING, a perfect SONIC AND SEMIOTIC pearl (see sonic resonance and etymology in Creation), just as PAR-BAL, BAR-PAL

key of the atomic magnet, seed of the seed: 1:2, the primal and ultimate figure of evolutive, creative cycles. spiritual mystery, mental figure, physical drive

see The Pearl images

Essence of the Leukippos model: that which is not said but signalled: the ENIGMA OF THE LEUKIPPOS MODEL IS METAPHYSICAL DESIRE

Magical heritage: geographically GLOBAL!!! personally total

Prometheus is archetypal: to bring the light of inner Heaven (higher perfection, original light of wholeness encoded in the cells!) down and out to the benefit of mankind: the goal of mankind is to better itself, to be illuminated: to remember our total system, our own source of light, and to put it to use in the betterment of life.

See key cultic figures! L. is such a figure. presents MAGNETIC METAPHORICITY: simultaneous analogy (identity) and crossing (complementation): we connect (feel) and disconnect (observe) the figure –  this combination is the fuel of understanding and betterment, being the fuel of evolution and elevation! Heraclitus on REFLEX archery: Scythian-Hun MAGus tradition, before the colonial mental propaganda set in

poetic-mystic tradition: Sufi, knighthood, Shakespearean Sonnets: devotion and love poems to the invisible essence: the Black Madonna: the Virgn Soul Matter which gives birth to and ultimately unites creative polarity: the immanent inner magnetic pulsation of LOVE

VISION AND EXISTENCE IN ARCHERY: reflex principle. The point of metaphysical desire is the alchemical wedding (mysterium coniunctionis): final unification/primal creation: LOVE

metaphysical desire & alchemical wedding

The initial and final state of any cosmic system is the miraculous solstice, the sense of fulfilment, totality, wholeness. As this state is potentially as much a beginning as an end, its natural duality is merely temporal. In all-time, fulfilment does not contain any other sense but singularity. The sense of oneness provides autonomy with limitlessness, free of self-reflection. The self-sufficiency of happiness is the dimension of being that is the metaphysical source and goal of all existence. Its discourse is pointless, since its point is experience. What is worth mapping, however, is the path which leads from this a-temporality into temporality, and back. This is the passage which repeats itself in every mechanism, every vital process in the universe. To reach the Source or Fountain, to eclipse the Sun, the lion of the heart is the drive and function of all life force.

Metaphysical desire for the dimension of self-sufficient happiness is the first and last dynamic sense of a sensual cosmos: the emanative creative urge: to give birth (descent). it is also the last sense of a sensual cosmos: the integrative urge for unity: to be coupled (ascent). in both cases, the overflowing beyond the self-sufficiency of the self is the manifestation of love as the miraculous centre of life: the single vital mechanism which contains and causes no loss of energy: its cycle is a gain-gain process. the fact that  all further processes are triadic suggests that this single dyadic process, love, is the metaphysical core, the super-process of the physical world. giving birth and making love share a mysterious unity. identifying the two acts provides the basic metaphor of life. bringing to light (to totality) that which is hidden (partial), and internalising (into unity) that which is outer (divided): the deduction of birth-giving (explication) and the induction of marriage (cohesion). the twin processes of creation (emanation, evolution) and feed-back (grace, Heilsgeschicht): root and crown. both involve a departure from status towards growth. the gem of perfection or the lapis philosophorum is the identification of birth-giving and marriage within one’s innermost, divine core self. this core self, however, is by no means impersonal. on the contrary, it burns with intense personality. For man to reach this Holy Grail, it is necessary to transform all physical desire to metaphysical, and all self-conscious personality to super-conscious. surpassing the formal and mental limits brings man to the source of desire: to the soul of radiant light.

Sumer Eden

The steps between spiritual, mental, and physical desire pave the passage between Eden (heart-soul-ATOM), Sky (mind), and Earth (body).

Read notes to The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles concerning metaphysical desire.

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